New Top-of-the-Line Unisys ClearPath Libra System Boosts Performance for Mission-Critical Applications by Up to 20 Percent

Now the most powerful model in its family, the new ClearPath Libra 8290 sets a milestone as the company's first Intel-based platform to outperform proprietary processors

Sep 09, 2013, 08:00 ET from Unisys Corporation

CHICAGO, Sept. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced the ClearPath Libra 8290 enterprise server – the most powerful ClearPath Libra system the company has ever delivered. Unisys announced the new system at the Universe client-centered event being held here.

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The Intel processor-based ClearPath Libra 8290 delivers computing performance up to 20 percent greater than that of the largest CMOS-based ClearPath Libra 800 system, the previous top of the line in the family. In addition, the new system more than triples the input/output performance of its predecessors.*

These enhancements provide clients with greater power and capacity to handle their mission-critical applications and address new business challenges while protecting their investment in ClearPath technology.

Based on Intel® Xeon® processors, the high-end ClearPath Libra 8290 is the company's first Intel processor-based ClearPath platform to outperform predecessor systems that are based on proprietary CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) processor technology.

The ClearPath Libra 8290 also marks the latest step in Unisys' ongoing evolution of the ClearPath family to an open architecture based on Intel processors.

The ClearPath Libra 8290 runs the powerful Unisys MCP operating environment. Clients can continue using mission-critical ClearPath applications without change as they transition from one generation of ClearPath systems to another and modernize applications without changing the core software.

"This new ClearPath Libra 8290 system provides our largest clients with the performance, scalability, reliability and availability they need to run their most mission-critical applications, and to do so on an Intel-based platform from Unisys," said Bill Maclean, vice president, ClearPath Portfolio Management, Unisys. "We are extremely proud of this achievement and look forward to continuing to push the envelope of innovation with our Intel-based architecture to provide organizations with the highest levels of computing performance."

"We commend Unisys for its achievement with the ClearPath Libra 8290," said Shannon Poulin, vice president of the Datacenter and Connected Systems Group and General Manager of the Datacenter Marketing Group at Intel Corporation. "The ClearPath Libra 8290 proves what Intel® Xeon® processor technology can do in order for enterprises to meet their most demanding mission-critical computing tasks. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Unisys in offering enterprise clients new industry-leading server options for their organizations."

Advanced System Design Boosts Security, Availability and Efficiency

The ClearPath Libra 8290 makes significant advances in system resiliency and availability. It features a fully redundant design, providing exceptional levels of system availability for core business applications.

The system features dual processor/memory cells and I/O subsystem modules. The redundant processor modules support an automated failover in the rare event of a system component failure. The dual I/O subsystem modules run in parallel, so the system can continue without interruption if a major fault occurs in one module. This redundancy comes preconfigured, eliminating the need for clients to modify the system.

The I/O cells of the ClearPath Libra 8290 use Unisys s-Par® secure partitioning technology, which enables multiple partitions to operate concurrently and supports large-capacity I/O activities.

The Libra 8290 supports specialty partitions that execute specific tasks, including two ClearPath ePortal for MCP specialty partitions – one active, one for failover – and up to four optional ClearPath MCP JProcessor specialty partitions. The ePortal empowers users to quickly Web-enable enterprise applications and enables integration of a range of mobile devices, such as Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. The JProcessor for Java applications gives clients a wide range of options for creating integrated Java-based SOA environments for their mission-critical applications.

The ClearPath Libra 8290 also delivers significant environmental advantages over earlier Libra systems. Unlike the Libra 800, the 8290 uses only one cabinet, reducing floor space by 50 percent. The new system may also reduce energy consumption up to 64 percent over its predecessors. The system offers dual A/C power inputs, enabling clients to draw electricity from different provider grids, further diminishing the potential for external disruption to operations.

The ClearPath Libra 8290 provides clients with a pay-for-use business model based on Unisys metering technology. The model simplifies capacity planning and makes costs more predictable, while giving clients freedom to tap into additional processing power as business needs dictate.

The ClearPath Libra 8290 is priced from $3.9 million.

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*All comparative performance information is based on performance testing conducted by Unisys using Unisys standard benchmark parameters.

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