Online Fundraising Platform Edco Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with New Suite of Tools for Teachers and Students

Step-by-Step Fundraising Guide Provides K-12 Schools with Interactive Walkthrough of Every Stage of the Process

Oct 13, 2015, 09:00 ET from Edco

NEW YORK, Oct.13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Edco, the online fundraising platform for K-12 school teams and clubs, today commemorates its one-year anniversary by introducing an updated platform that features a Step-by-Step Fundraising Guide, a suite of interactive tools that walks users through the fundraising process, empowering them to reach new donors and get students and parents involved. It also includes tips on how programs can augment their fundraising efforts with local media coverage, business sponsorship, and grants.

"Public funding has not been able to keep up with the demands that schools face in order to provide students with a 21st century education. Schools have signed up with Edco to close this gap and raise money beyond traditional methods such as product sales, which only go so far," said Edco CEO Avi Daman. "Edco is especially proud to support student programs like robotics, music, theatre, and sports teams, which are essential for fostering students' creativity, providing them an outlet to explore their passions and teaching them leadership skills."

The Step-by-Step Fundraising Guide helps students and teachers describe their funding needs and present their activity as a compelling fundraising campaign. It then provides instructions for communicating with friends, family members, and other community stakeholders. To ensure students' safety and privacy, all correspondence through the platform uses a secure Edco email address.

"At the heart of sustainable fundraising is the ability to cultivate meaningful relationships and to demonstrate the tangible impact of one's support. The Step-by-Step Fundraising Guide empowers teachers, and especially student leaders, to implement these practices in their own communities," added Daman. "Most importantly, the platform gives students a voice to share what they are passionate about."

Since launching one year ago, Edco has enabled more than 50 schools across the United States to raise over $200,000. The most successful club, the King High School Speech and Debate Team in Tampa, Florida, has raised $10,000, about four times what the average school fundraiser generates.

About Edco
Edco provides an online fundraising software to K-12 schools that empowers teachers and students to raise money from family, friends, and other members of their community. Edco's mission is to help K-12 schools effectively raise money and seamlessly connect with resources.  To learn more, please visit or contact