Panasonic Announces New Telephones for 2014 Home Communications

Popular Link2Cell Phones Offer Enhanced Capabilities, Ease-of-Use

May 08, 2014, 10:00 ET from Panasonic

NEWARK, N.J., May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company today announced the new 2014 models of home telephone systems.  The new line of feature-rich, easy-to-use telephone systems offer users a convenient way to stay connected in the home.  All models are now available on

Panasonic has blurred the lines between home and mobile communication with Link2Cell Bluetooth® Convergence Solution telephones.  A popular feature in Panasonic's home telephones, Link2Cell syncs with a cell or smartphone device via Bluetooth, allowing users to make or receive cellphone calls with the home telephone handset.  Users can place their cell phone in an area of their home with the best reception, and then talk on the Panasonic handset to get crystal clear communication without having to worry about spotty coverage areas or dead zones.  The best part is that the Panasonic Link2Cell phone will work whether or not users have a landline, making at-home telephone conversation convenient and comfortable. 

The Panasonic KX-TGH260 Link2Cell Bluetooth Cellular Convergence Solution series includes intuitive features to help make home communication easier, like Text Message Alert which signals the phone handsets when you receive a text message from a linked cell or smartphone and Talking Text Sender Alert which announces the name and phone number of the text message sender on your home phone handsets.  The Smart Function Key offers users a single-click solution to access features like retrieving voice messages, viewing missed calls or turning alarms off.  Enhanced Noise Reduction allows the user to suppress background noise around a caller while simultaneously enhancing their voice so it's easier to hear them.  Featuring an elegant, space-saving design, the KX-TGH260 series offers a large 1.8" Backlit display with customizable background graphics .  The KX-TGH260 series is now available in two or three handset options for the following MSRP's: KX-TGH262B, $89.95; KX-TGH263B, $119.95

Equipped with many of the same innovative features of the KX-TGH260 series, the KX-TGE260 Link2Cell Bluetooth Cellular Convergence Solution offers a modern design with silver finish and easy-to-use big buttons on the handset and base unit.  With a dedicated "Locates Cell" button on the base unit, users never have to worry about misplacing their cell phone while in the home.  Simply press the "Locates Cell" button on the base unit and listen for the ring of the cell or smartphone*.  Similarly, the KX-TGE260 series is Key Detector compatible.  A user can attach the optional KX-TGA20 Key Detector accessory on keys or other commonly misplaced items and find them with the push of button on the handset, which activates a beeping alarm on the key detector.  The KX-TGE260 series is now available in two or three handsets for the following MSRP's: KX-TGE262B, $79.95; KX-TGE263B, $99.95.  The KX-TGE270 Link2Cell Bluetooth Cellular Convergence Solution series has all the great features of the KX-TGE260 series plus a dial keypad on the base unit.  The KX-TGE270 series is now available in two to five handset options for the following MSRP's: KX-TGE272S, $89.95; KX-TGE273S, $109.95; KX-TGE274S, $129.95; KX-TGE275S, $149.95

Panasonic is also offering new DECT 6.0 PLUS Digital Phones for 2014.  The KX-TGE230 series is an expandable digital cordless answering system with easy-to-use big buttons on the base and handset and an amplified handset with a dedicated volume key.  The model also includes functions like Talking Caller ID, which uses text-to-speech technology to announce the information of incoming calls in-between rings.   The KX-TGE240 series offers the same great functionalities of the KX-TGE230 series as well as a dedicated keypad on the base for easy hands-free use.  The KX-TGE210 series offers users the same functions without an integrated answering machine and is ideal for users with digital voicemail boxes.  The KX-TGE240 series is available in one to five handsets with MSRP's ranging from $59.95 to $139.95.  The KX-TGE230 series is available in two, three or four handsets with MSRP's ranging from $69.95 to $109.95.  The KX-TGE210 series are available in one or two handsets for the following MSRP's: KX-TGE210B, $39.95; KX-TGE212B, $59.95.

Also new this year is the KX-TGD220 series which offers a compact base unit design with champagne gold finish.  The KX-TGD220 series is available from one to five handsets with MSRP's ranging from $39.95 to $119.95.  The KX-TGD210 series, available from one to three handsets, includes the same features as the KX-TGD220 series except for the all-digital answering system and is available for MSRP's ranging from $29.95 to $69.95

Additional select features of the 2014 line of home communication solutions include:

  • Power Back-Up Operation:  When there's a power outage, the powerful battery backup system stays connected, allowing users to still make and receive calls with cordless handsets.
  • Tone Equalizer: Allows users to adjust bass, mid-range or treble tone in a caller's voice for maximum clarity.
  • Intelligent Eco Mode: Automatically lowers power consumption when using the handset close to the base unit, helping to extend the available talk time in order to prolong battery life. 
  • Call Block: Caller ID information of any and all unwanted callers is stored in the phone's Call Block list so a user is spared from any future unwanted pesky calls.  When they call, they will get a busy signal.
  • Advanced TAD Functions:  When a caller records a message on the digital answering device, the base unit will beep alerting those in the house. If users are not at home, the phone will automatically send a message to a registered cell or office phone along with playback options.
  • Expandable up to six handsets

All 2014 home telephone models are now available on

*Cellphone can not be in vibration or silent mode.

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