Public Relations Can Help Stressed CEOs at Home is Idea Behind TransMedia Group's New Therapy Service for Busy Execs

Nov 14, 2011, 09:00 ET from TransMedia Group

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TransMedia Group said it will go where no PR firm has gone before - into the private lives of CEOs to find a more stress-relieving balance between work and home.

"With everyone's working harder today than ever before, it's critically important to be able to balance the spiraling demands of career and family, especially for today's besieged CEO," said Tom Madden, TransMedia Group's CEO (  

To help businesses cope with unprecedented levels of stress caused by home and work imbalances, TransMedia has hired a Work-Home Balance Specialist to offer therapy to busy CEOs, their spouses and children.

"Expectations today are lofty for self starters, entrepreneurs and CEOs," said Meredith Walt, TransMedia's newly-appointed Work-Home Balance Specialist. "Workdays can be all consuming for months, sometimes years without much breathing room, let alone family time."

Sales, marketing, suppliers, employees, quality assurance and payroll are some of the stressors CEOs encounter daily. Unfortunately, so are unhappy family members, she said. "Agitated spouses and neglected children put additional weight on the scale, often tipping a healthful work-home balance so critical for success in both arenas, according to Walt.

TransMedia believes providing in-home, on-site support and therapeutic services for executives and their families can drastically reduce tension in the home, allow for practical ways to increase quality time at home, without compromising necessary time and mental focus at work.

"I help the spouse process and understand business demands while assisting CEOs to remember what they're working so hard for – their family and a quality of life."

Having helped troubled clients, from teens to financial tycoons, for over a decade, together with her official qualifications to practice both individual and family therapy from her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Boston University, make Walt a powerful resource, said Madden.

Collaborating with courts, schools, the Department of Juvenile Justice, the foster care process, teen parents, and substance abuse facilities has given Meredith a rich and deep experience bank from which to help CEO's and their families to cope with the stress and long hours on the job, Madden said.

According to Madden, one of her CEO clients said Meredith gave his spouse and children the support and tools they needed to stop feeling resentful over his time away from home and things got better for everyone.


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