Save Money, Brew Smart

Sep 13, 2011, 10:30 ET from Jura

CLOSTER, N.J., Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Americans are embracing coffee brewed by the cup with increasing gusto. Single-cup brewers are the fastest growing segment of home coffee equipment in the U.S. Sales have more than doubled in the past three years, according to Euromonitor International.

Automatic coffee centers such as the Jura IMPRESSA C5 represent the high end of single serve brewer market, offering the best in high pressure brewed coffee and espresso as well as cappuccinos and lattes. Versatile and convenient, but are they affordable? Here are tips from Jura for saving money by brewing smart.

Look at the true cost of pods and capsules

The Jura IMPRESSA C5 makes it convenient and easy to brew coffee and espresso from fresh whole coffee beans because it automatically grinds, tamps, brews and discards the used coffee grounds inside the machine, all in less than 60 seconds per cup.

Coffee brewed using a pod or capsule can cost about $0.52 per cup, adding up to $760 per year for a couple drinking two cups each daily. This is more than twice the cost per cup of brewing from whole coffee beans in the IMPRESSA C5, which costs $0.19 for the same cup of coffee or espresso.  

A "less expensive" single-cup brewer can cost more in the long run considering the excess costs of pods or capsules.

Reduce environmental costs and waste

With each cup brewed in a conventional single-cup brewer, you must dispose of a capsule or pod. With the IMPRESSA C5, there are no spent pods or capsules to discard, lessening your impact on the environment.

Make your home your coffee cafe

Millions of people visit coffee cafes daily without ever multiplying the cost of their daily brew times 365 to see how much this really costs. Save money by making your home your coffee cafe with the IMPRESSA C5, which grinds right before brewing to assure the highest yield of flavor and aroma. You can personalize your brew for coffee volume and coffee strength, and it makes it easy to froth or steam milk to perfection for cappuccinos or lattes.

Invest in a quality brewer that will last

Swiss design and technology define the award-winning Jura line of automatic coffee centers, which has received international acclaim for superior design. Customer service is based in the U.S., and representatives are highly trained to answer consumer questions.

Save money and brew smart with the Jura IMPRESSA C5, with an actual retail price of $999. It is available at Sur La Table and For more information on Jura automatic coffee centers, visit