Wall-Street.com Retains TransMedia Group To Publicize 'Where Money Never Sleeps'

Mar 10, 2014, 05:20 ET from TransMedia Group

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Wall-Street Media Co., which owns and operates the influential financial website Wall-Street.com, has retained TransMedia Group to publicize its "Top Six" list of rising public companies, plus Wall Street's premiere website "where money never sleeps."

Jerrold Burden, founder of Wall-Street Media Co., a publicly traded OTCBB company (WSCO), said he selected the international PR firm (www.transmediagroup.com) because of its awesome track record in promoting public companies. Wall Street Media Co, recently acquired Wall-Street.com in 2014, and completely redesigned the website as a premier financial hub of investor information.

TransMedia's success stories that impressed Burden the most are national campaigns TransMedia conducted for AT&T, Rexall Sundown and even a small beverage company Celsius Holdings Inc., whose stock price soared from 30 cents to $5 from TransMedia's nationwide publicity, but then slid back to pennies after the company switched to a New York-based PR firm.

"We're thrilled to represent a rising star on Wall Street, one of its most influential websites (www.wall-street.com)," said Tom Madden, TransMedia Group's founder and CEO, who formerly was #2-ranked executive at NBC. 

Wall-Street.com has a distinguished legacy on Wall Street, "which our publicity will illumine." The predecessor company that had this influential domain was an exclusive IR service for a select group of the largest, best-known companies.

"Our publicity will show how Wall-Street.com has evolved as a pivotal factor in the success of many public companies whose stock price benefitted from Wall-Street.com's exposure. Among its beneficiaries are Amgen, Applied Materials, Biogen, BMC Software, Cooper Companies, Genentech, General Dynamics, Medtronic, Motorola, James Financial and Rent-A-Center."

Wall-Street.com was one of the very first financial websites on the Internet, which has operated continually under the service-marked name, Wall-Street.com, dramatically increasing coverage of microcap companies.

"Our PR campaign will underscore how Wall-Street.com recognizes exceptional microcap companies, adding a wealth of investor information including emerging microcap stocks, global economy and world markets, currency and precious metals, research, charts and graphs, licensing and education for financial services representatives and conferences and expos. This has been done by bringing in new capital and Internet/social networking experts into the firm, expanding its capabilities significantly," said Madden.

"Our publicity will key on Burden's distinguished career as a venture capitalist since the mid-1980's funding and developing first stage companies, assembling the initial team of experts required for launching companies and completing reverse-mergers and acquisitions."

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