Back to School, Women’s World Cup, and More Consumer News Trends

A look at consumer and retail news from PR Newswire in July and August that you might have missed.


Consumer News Trends, July-August 2023


By Katie Nuttall | Published Sept. 10, 2023


As the days grow shorter, temperatures drop, and summer draws to an end, we’ve been following and evaluating thousands of wire releases here at PR Newswire. Throughout it all, we’ve noticed various recurring trends in the consumer news crossing the wire.

Throughout July and August, we noticed releases focusing on back-to-school products and promotions. We’ve also been tracking the launch of many much-anticipated fall products and noticed a number of stories mentioning the FIFA Women's World Cup.

Overall, PR Newswire distributed nearly 5,000 releases covering consumer news during the past two months!

Let’s take a closer look at some noteworthy releases we’ve seen across the wire in July and August.

Popular Consumer Releases

These were some of the readers' favorite headlines during the past two months:



Consumer News Trends

Here’s a look at a few of the trends we noticed among consumer-related press releases in July and August, along with a few examples of each.

Women’s World Cup

Every four years, 32 national women’s soccer teams compete in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. According to MSNBC, women's soccer is outpacing every other sport in America in terms of expansion. Brands are taking note of the rising interest in the sport. Total sponsorship value has reached at least $349m, a rise from $342m in 2019, based on GlobalData’s analysis, and many brands have aligned themselves with themes of women’s empowerment.

We saw nearly three dozen releases mentioning the Women’s World Cup hit the wire during July and August, including:

Fall Products

Changing leaves, chilly mornings, and football games are all indications that fall is here, but the earliest clue that the seasons are changing is the reappearance of everything pumpkin (or apple)!

According to the Food Institute, in just the last five years, pumpkin spice product sales have increased about 47%. Consumers cannot get enough of these limited-edition flavors and retailers are listening. In fact, pumpkin spice season gets off to an earlier start every year. During July and August, hundreds of releases were distributed that mentioned “fall” or “pumpkin.”

Here are just a few of them:

Back-to-School Season

According to the National Retail Federation, back-to-class shopping is one of the most important consumer shopping occasions of the year.

This year, consumers were expected to spend at record levels and had even started picking up the items they would need to fill their backpacks by early July. Here at PR Newswire, we saw 200+ releases related to the back-to-school season cross the wire during the months of July and August.

Below are some examples:

Looking Ahead

Between the various collaborations with brands and the Women’s World Cup, the always exciting launch of fall flavors and back-to-school products and promos, it has been an exciting summer in the consumer news world!

We look forward to seeing what lies ahead in the autumn months as consumers prep for the holidays.


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