Love for Pets, Green Products, Wellness: Recent Consumer News Trends

A look at consumer and retail news from PR Newswire in November and December that you might have missed.


Consumer News Trends, November-December 2022


By Carli Claar, Caitlyn Wojnarowski | Published Jan. 06, 2023


As we approached the end of 2022, the Cision team was hard at work tracking noteworthy industry trends. Cision’s experts analyze thousands of wire releases each month to discover key topics influencing the way retail brands interact with their target audiences. Using our collective knowledge to make an impact for our customers and industry professionals alike is one of the things we do best!

Throughout November and December, we noticed releases geared toward consumers chiming in on a major issue that affects spending decisions, especially around the holidays: inflation. We also saw a heartwarming uptick in releases focused on animals and pets.

In our previous roundup, we noted that consumers were starting to highly value the social and environmental impact of the brands they buy — and we’ve seen this trend continue, with a primary focus on green technology, goods, and services that mesh with a healthier lifestyle, promote general wellness, and tout low environmental impact. 

Let’s take a closer look at the noteworthy trends we’ve seen across the consumer wire in November and December.


Some of the Most Popular Consumer and Retail Releases:

Over the last two months, these consumer and retail releases stood out from the crowd regarding overall views, engagement, and uniqueness:



Consumer and Retail News Trends

Throughout November and December, we distributed nearly 5,000 consumer and retail press releases, and our team took notice of a few popular topics:



Who doesn’t love giving their furry friends some extra love and attention around the holidays? We noticed a slight increase in copy about pet products and pet ownership as we approached the end of 2022 because few things say “Happy Holidays” to your fur babies more than cute gifts, gadgets, and toys made especially for them. Companies seem to be noting this trend and are offering solutions to make the lives of pet owners easier.

Here are some examples from November and December:


Green, Eco-Friendly Products, Services, and Technologies 

With climate change and sustainability becoming an accelerated point of focus across the globe, more consumers and companies alike are looking to commit to a better future for us and our planet. More consumers are now factoring sustainability into their buying decisions, and brands are definitely taking notice, offering “green” products and services consumers can feel good about purchasing.  

Some good examples:



Noticing your paycheck isn’t stretching quite as far these days? You’re not alone. Consumers across the board are changing their spending and saving habits to accommodate for the recent jumps in interest rates and prices at the gas pump, grocery store, and, honestly, just about everywhere else. 

This is one topic we hope will lose some steam in 2023.

Over the last two months, we’ve seen quite a few releases regarding consumer sentiment on inflation:


A Focus on Health and Wellness

Consumers are stepping into the new year with their health in mind. Releases concentrating on wellness and lifestyle products are front and center right now. Perhaps it’s partially due to society’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, but across all channels, we’re seeing consumers taking more personal responsibility for their lifestyles and health, and this of course extends to what they buy. From exercise gear to supplements and foods, the retail landscape has been saturated by consumers’ desire for a healthier lifestyle in the new year.  

Consumers are primed and ready to focus on wellness in 2023, as the examples below demonstrate:



At year’s end, we were seeing consumers looking forward to a fresh start, centering on how they save and spend their money, improve their physical and mental wellness, and the wellness of their furry family members, too. 

We continue to see brand and consumer emphasis on green products, services, and technologies, and rightfully so. Across all industries, sustainability and minimizing ecological impact have become primary goals — we can all do our part, however small, to give back to the planet and each other.

Sounds like a good start to 2023! 


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