Mets or Royals - The Moneyball Approach to Choosing Your (Brand) Pitches

Dstillery data science uncovers surprising marketer insights about World Series fans

Oct 30, 2015, 14:23 ET from Dstillery

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Series is headed back to New York and Dstillery is ready, having spent the 2015 season in the data dugout analyzing geolocation and behavioral data for all 29 U.S. major league stadiums. The company has uncovered a host of marketing insights for this year's Series contestants that will help drive media planning for the 2016 season. Full details are available in a baseball themed interactive infographic

"As we dug into the data, we found some obvious stuff – Mets fans index high for ad agency execs – but also some new insights that can inform marketer pitches as they plan for 2016 and beyond," said Dstillery CEO Tom Phillips. "We like to think of those insights as our curveballs. The Royals' Ned Yost is known as the anti-moneyball manager, but we think the audience data is full of rich signals that can help marketers be more effective than ever."

Dstillery identified both the intuitive insights – the fastballs – and the curveballs.

The Fastballs – The data exposed some things already known about the demographic profiles of each fan base. The obvious question: Is your brand pitching to the right team?

  • Mets fans show a propensity for movies and music and are big fans of the NBA. Brands that would fit in nicely with this demo include Warner Brothers, Netflix and Pandora. MLB movie fans can also be found in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Anaheim and Oakland.
  • Royals fans are grill masters, DIYers and love NCAA football. Brands that could win with this demo include Lowe's, Black & Decker and Weber. Grill master MLB fans are also in St. Louis, Minneapolis, Houston and Dallas.

Off-Speed Pitches and Other Surprises – The data also revealed some curveballs, sliders and changeups, proclivities not expected from Mets and Royals fans, along with some surprising brand opportunities.

  • Mets fans index high for luxury retail, insurance and activewear. Adidas, State Farm and Cartier should take a closer look at this audience when planning media buys for 2016. Insurance customers also show up in Boston, Philly and Baltimore, as well as Yankee Stadium.
  • Royals fans index high for expecting parents, health and fitness and intimate apparel. Victoria's Secret, Zulily and Nature's Bounty could score big with this audience. You can also find health and fitness MLB fans in Dallas, San Francisco, Anaheim and Houston.

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