PR Newswire Presents ISTE 2010 Exhibitor Profiles for Companies in the Curriculum & Instructional Tools Industry Category

Jun 23, 2010, 10:00 ET from PR Newswire

DENVER, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- As the exclusive official breaking news service of ISTE 2010, June 27-30, PR Newswire is featuring profiles of the exhibiting organizations.

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The following are profiles from ISTE exhibitors in the Curriculum & Instructional Tools industry category:

Company : ALEKS Corporation

Booth Number : 2223

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Melissa Deveikis

Phone : (714) 245-7191 x152

Email :

ALEKS is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know in a course. ALEKS then instructs the student on the topics she is most ready to learn. A student who shows a high level of mastery of an ALEKS course will be successful in the actual course she is taking.

Company : American Education Corporation

Booth Number : 864

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : David Gilliland

Phone : (405) 840-6031

Email :

American Education Corporation offers three exceptional curriculum and assessment e-learning solutions for whole districts, individual schools, classrooms, labs, as well as remote or virtual students. The A+nyWhere Learning System® (A+LS™), A+® LearningLink™, and A+® Classroom Student Response System™ are in use in over 15,000 public, private, and charter K–12 schools, after-school learning centers, centers of adult literacy, military education programs, and juvenile correctional facilities.

Company : Apangea Learning

Booth Number : 785

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Susan Kim

Phone : (866) 357-8664 x233

Email :

Apangea provides a web-based supplemental math program that seamlessly integrates intelligent tutoring technology with live, US certified math teachers. Apangea helps students become mathematical thinkers by engaging them with a built-in motivation system and self-monitoring tools. We offer educators a tool to differentiate instruction, and assess student success, along with training, real-time reporting and live online support. Apangea is based on one of the world’s biggest bodies of cognitive research conducted by the US Air Force.

Company : ASCD

Booth Number : 1181

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Laura Berry

Phone : (703) 575-5461

Email :

Founded in 1943, ASCD is an educational leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner. Our 170,000 members in 136 countries are professional educators from all levels and subject areas--superintendents, supervisors, principals, teachers, professors of education, and school board members. Our nonprofit, nonpartisan membership association provides expert and innovative solutions in professional development, capacity building, and educational leadership essential to the way educators learn, teach, and lead.

Company : Aventa Learning

Booth Number : 1589

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Leslie Constans

Phone : (503) 736-1851

Email :

Aventa Learning is the leading educational technology provider for schools looking to deploy programs of virtual learning, technology supplements in the classroom, and credit recovery. We specialize in distributing interactive technology-based online courses for middle and high school, independent study courses, credit recovery and test preparation supplements for students.

Company : Award Publishing Limited

Booth Number : 990

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Wendy Pye

Phone : (212) 246-0405

Email :

AWARD Publishing Limited brings a fresh 21st century perspective to teaching literacy, using modern technology - over 300 titles and 900 activities in animated interactive technology and print that achieve winning research results.

Company : Big Universe

Booth Number : 890

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Karen Derrico

Phone : (877) 360-7323

Email :

Big Universe is an award winning K-8 website inspiring students to read, write, learn, and collaborate through a large online book library with quizzes, a unique book writing and publishing tool, and a safe book sharing community. The site's 24x7 access, user-friendly interface, student personalization, and reading assessments, further enhance the online experience for students and teachers alike, while providing cost-effective, high quality content for schools and districts.

Company : Boardworks

Booth Number : 1776

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Hannah Fiddy

Email :

For exciting and innovative whole-class resources for your interactive whiteboard or classroom projector, look no further than Boardworks! Mapped to individual state standards and offering complete curriculum coverage across middle and high school faculties, Boardworks' growing range of software allows you to be confident that you have everything you need for your classes. Ready-made and easy-to-use, Boardworks lessons are packed with interactivity to motivate all your students. Visit to find out more.

Company : Brainology™ by Mindset Works™

Booth Number : 891

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Eduardo Briceno

Phone : (888) 344-6463

The Brainology® program raises student achievement by engaging students in active learning.  The research-based program does that by teaching 4th through 9th grade students that their brains are malleable, thereby empowering them to take charge of their own cognitive development.  Based on the research of Stanford professor Carol Dweck, Ph.D., the online program instills a growth mindset in students through relevant neuroscience and approaches to studying, all presented in an engaging way.

Company : BrainTrain, Inc.

Booth Number : 2085

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Virginia Sandford

Phone : (804) 320-0143

Email :

Dynamic new reading software combines reading exercises with working memory training. BrainTrain’s powerful interactive game-like software can help your special education students develop the basic thinking skills they need to excel - attention, reasoning, working memory, listening, self-control. The Captain’s Log system and the new TNT Reading system can have dramatic results for students with ADD/ADHD, learning and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, autism, and more. The software is carefully systematized and customizable.

Company : Branson School Online

Booth Number : 1591

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Judith Stokes

Phone : (303) 805-9804

Email :

Branson School Online, K-12 fully accredited public school serving students throughout the state of Colorado since 2001.  Providing flexibility in schedule, quality in education, and high student-teacher interaction. The Student, Parent, Teacher(s) & Administrators team to make each students education a priority.  Students learn personal responsibility, skills preparing them for career, college and life. The collaboration through technology reduces restrictions on learning and sharing.  Learning without the boundaries is the future we provide Colorado residents the future today.

Company : Bytes of Learning Incorporated

Booth Number : 845

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Art Willer

Phone : (905) 947-4646 x221

Email :

UltraKey® is the only keyboarding software that provides the power of desktop learning but tracks student learning at school and at home without ever touching an Internet browser or web site.  One large school district calls UltraKey, "bullet proof -- it runs on everything and requires minimal technical support.”  See us at booth 845 for a free keyboarding starter kit – value $129!

Company : California University of PA

Booth Number : 2447

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Joseph Zisk

Phone : (724) 938-4487

Dr. Joseph Zisk, an award winning high school teacher, has developed online courses that use a variety of instructional strategies.  His classes include audio, video, small group activities, and student presentations.  In addition, audio and visual feedback on students is provided.  Zisk is actively involved in conducting faculty professional development workshops on online instruction and is the coordinator of the on-campus and online Master of Arts Teaching program.

Company : Cambium Learning Technologies

Booth Number : 798

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Carrie DeBlasi

Phone : (781) 276-0623

Email :

Cambium Learning is the leading education company focused exclusively on serving the needs of at-risk and special student populations. Cambium Learning companies specialize in providing research-and evidence-based instructional materials, services, and technology that address the needs of all students. Cambium Learning Technologies includes IntelliTools and Kurzweil Educational Systems.

Company : Canson

Booth Number : 792

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Kate Trainor

Phone : (617) 226-7187

Email :

Canson is excited to launch the PAPERSHOW Teacher's EditionT , the key to effective learning, at the 2010 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference, June 27-30 in booth 792.  The PAPERSHOW Teacher's Edition takes the interactive presentation tool and digital whiteboard to a new level, adding functions and features useful for teachers K-12, including an interactive calculator, magnifying glass, two measurement tools, lined paper for students learning to write and 72 different colors.

Company : Certiport, Inc.

Booth Number : 2311

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Brenda Armstrong

Phone : (888) 999-9830

Email :

Certiport® is a provider of digital literacy and desktop productivity assessment, training, practice and certification solutions.  These solutions include the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3®), Microsoft® Office Specialist, iCritical Thinking Certification powered by ETS, Adobe Certified Associate programs and CompTIA® Strata™ IT Fundamentals, delivered by more than 10,000 Certiport Centers worldwide. Visit or call 888.999.9830 for more information.

Company : Core Learning

Booth Number : 466

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Douglas Hatch

Phone : (800) 270-4643 x22

Email :

Core Learning has broadened its K-12 educational software offering (CD ROM and online) to include four new titles.  They have released science software for the first time as well as significantly strengthen their fine arts software offering with the addition of music composition and video & sound production software. Their product line now provides excellent coverage and support of the most important areas of curriculum – math, language arts, science, fine arts, critical thinking, and health.

Company : Corel Corporation

Booth Number : 1768

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Maureen Miller

Phone : (613) 728-8200

Corel and Wacom; taking a hands-on approach to creative learning. Corel and Wacom are partnering to bring you the best of Corel's digital media and graphics software for the classroom, together with Wacom drawing tablets, at ISTE 2010. Educators around the world have harnessed the power and ease of use of Corel academic software and learning resources to help enrich and enhance the classroom experience. Wacom tablets are the perfect accompaniment to Corel creative software!

Company : Crick Software

Booth Number : 1818

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Lina Howarth

Founded by teachers in 1993, Crick Software products are now used on over half a million school computers. The company strongly believes in Universal Design for Learning and most products are switch accessible, enabling students with disabilities to benefit from the same educational software as their peers.

Company : CTB/McGraw-Hill

Booth Number : 610

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Brandon Engle

Phone : (916) 933-1291

Email :

CTB/McGraw-Hill is recognized as an assessment leader providing solutions to school, districts, and states including online formative, adult, and language proficiency assessments. With an 84-year record of innovation, CTB/McGraw-Hill serves more than 18 million students in 50 states and in 46 countries and is one of the first publishers to introduce objective, standardized achievement tests to schools. CTB/McGraw-Hill’s innovation continues today with technologies that include Web-based assessment, student response devices, and automated essay scoring.

Company : Datawise, Inc.

Booth Number : 2169

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Kenn Malrose

Phone : (530) 226-0900

Email :

Datawise brings schools a balanced approach to assessment. A superior, industry-proven product, Datawise MEASURES is the most complete assessment and data management system available today. Teachers and administrators alike find the collaborative Dashboard is easy-to-use and gives them real-time information with just one-click.  Your teachers need inspiration. Data can bring welcomed clarity, vision and leadership. Datawise MEASURES helps you bring it all together. We do more for less…

Company : Designmate (I) Pvt Ltd

Booth Number : 1474

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Vineet Koka

Phone : +91 79 3983 6000

Email :

Designmate has been in operation for almost 21 years as a 3D production house developing creative eContent for K12 education. We pioneer in use of animations and graphics to simplify concepts of maths, biology, physics and chemistry. The eContent created is a unique combination of videos, images, texts, simulations and quizzes known as the universal expression of discovery. The universal curriculum based library can be mapped to any syllabus.

Company : DigiPen Institute of Technology- ProjectFUN Outreach

Booth Number : 1679

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Tarsi Hall

Phone : (425) 558-0299

Email :

DigiPen Institute of Technology is the pioneer in game education. Aside from offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, DigiPen has a myriad of youth programs aimed at getting students better equipped for a future in the interactive entertainment industry. These programs leverage student’s interest in robotics, gaming and animation while teaching core STEM subjects. DigiPen’s youth and collegiate offerings underscore their commitment to cultivating innovation and inspiring growth in the industry. Find out more at

Company : Disney Online Kerpoof Studios

Booth Number : 1679

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Alexandra Munck

Phone : (303) 551-7220

Email :

Disney Online Kerpoof Studios provides free multimedia software for educators, with no advertising and no hidden costs. Kerpoof has been widely adopted in classrooms because it is viewed by educators as a great way to introduce broad concepts about computers, the Internet, and technical fluency, all while meeting educational standards. It can be used from any browser, on any computer with Internet access, and is being used in elementary and middle schools worldwide.

Company : DreamBox Learning

Booth Number : 2156

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Erica Thomas

Phone : (508) 872-3380

Email :

DreamBox Learning K-3 Math provides effective, award-winning differentiated instruction - in a fun adventure game that kids love to play. Rigorous academic content is based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Focal Points. Embedded, continuous assessments keep each student at the right place in the curriculum. And with every mouse click, DreamBox adapts all aspects of the experience to each child, providing deeply individualized teaching. A Teacher Dashboard provides detailed reporting on academic progress.

Company : eChalk

Booth Number : 1250

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Ian Bryan

Phone : (828) 242-1868

Email :

eChalk, the leader in web-based communication and collaboration tools for K-12 school communities, connects people to information they need to make learning successful. eChalk allows teachers and schools to create and manage websites,   encourage collaboration among faculty and staff in professional learning communities, involve parents as active partners in their children’s education and engage students – safe, secure and all in one place. eChalk is software-as-a-service that helps K-12 communities collaborate effectively to foster ideas and opportunities for learners.

Company : EDmin, Inc.

Booth Number : 1610

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Sage Scheer

Phone : (800) 748-6696 ext. 125

Email :

EDmin, Inc. has worked with school districts for more than 20 years, providing learning and accountability solutions to K-20 educators. EDmin now serves nearly 5 million students, parents, teachers and administrators. The company's flagship product, the INFORM® Learning System, is a web-based academic data warehouse with integrated reporting tools, an assessment platform and aligned resources. EDmin has also created educator-centric sites, and For information, visit or call 1 (800) 748-6696 ext. 125.

Company : EduPlatform, Dreyfous & Associates

Booth Number : 548

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Giovanni Paoli

Phone : (787) 365-0054

Email :

EduPlatform™, The Premiere Tool to Create and Distribute Digital Lessons, is an easy-to-use teaching solution for networked classrooms like computer labs and other one-to-one settings.  Our Lesson Builder encourages and facilitates the usage of available digital resources and the included Classroom Manager provides the features necessary to minimize distractions and maximize instructional time.

Company : eInstruction

Booth Number : 1810

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Tina Hurd-Winston

Phone : (410) 312-9216

Email :

eInstruction®, the leading provider of interactive instructional and assessment technology, provides simple solutions that deliver real results. In 1980, eInstruction pioneered the student response market with its Classroom Performance System® (CPS), engaging students and providing educators with instant formative and summative assessments. The INTERWRITEMOBI™ mobile interactive whiteboard supports student-centered, collaborative learning eI Community™ allows educators to find and share educational resources and discuss best practices online. ExamView® enables seamless integration of publisher questions and content.

Company : Elluminate

Booth Number : 1718

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Heather Hodgson

Phone : (603) 365-5624

Email :

Elluminate, Inc. provides proven, best-in-class solutions for real-time online learning and collaboration for academic and corporate markets. The company's award-winning collaboration products feature high-quality voice over the Internet, robust interactive functionality, and unique No User Left Behind technology that works every time, regardless of computer platform or Internet connection speed.

Company : Follett Software Company

Booth Number : 1833

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Doug Thompson

Phone : (541) 419-4471

Email :

Follett Software Company is the integrated educational technology solution provider that more than half of America’s K-12 school districts trust to support staff and engage students in today’s digitally rich learning environment. Follett Software’s innovative and cost-effective technologies help districts efficiently manage traditional and digital educational resources, provide digital learning environment tools, make confident decisions based on quality academic data and empower 21st century learning and discovery to support student achievement.

Company : Generation YES

Booth Number : 855

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Sylvia Martinez

Phone : (310) 567-4243

Email :

Generation YES programs teach and empower students to solve technology problems in their schools and communities. These include: GenYES (students helping teachers with classroom technology), TechYES (student technology literacy certification and peer mentoring), and TechYES Science (student technology literacy certification through science projects).

Generation YES offers school-friendly online tools, innovative project-based curriculum, and customized support to schools seeking to include students as leaders, mentors, and collaborators in technology integration and literacy efforts.

Company : Hands-On Labs, Inc.

Booth Number : 2362

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Anne Matchett

Phone : (720) 279-7531

Hands-On Labs, Inc. (HOL) develops, produces, and distributes LabPaqs® -  LabPaqs are academically aligned boxed collections of science materials that enable higher education students working independently to perform required lab assignments anywhere and anytime.  LabPaqs spans the science disciplines including Biological Sciences (Biology, Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology and Nutrition); Chemistry, Environmental and Earth Sciences; Forensics, and Physical Science.

Company : Lexia Learning Systems, Inc.

Booth Number : 1688

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Collin Earnst

Phone : (617) 933-9011

Email :

Lexia Learning Systems provides a flexible, Web-enabled technology that is scientifically based and proven to increase reading proficiency in students of abilities, pre-K to adult. Lexia Reading, its flagship product, is one of only 10 programs deemed effective in two or more Beginning Reading Skills categories by the What Works Clearinghouse. As an essential part of reading instruction in 13,000 schools nationwide, Lexia Reading has helped more than one million students learn to read.

Company : Hatch, Inc

Booth Number : 2216

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Kami Periman

Phone : (800) 624-7968 x1116

Email :

Hatch® believes in supporting educators while developing young minds. Founded in 1984, Hatch® has become the nation's leading provider of appropriate technology in early childhood classrooms and markets a full line of developmentally-appropriate early childhood products. Hatch® collaborates with education experts to develop an extensive line of exclusive, proprietary brand products such as the new iStartSmart™ instructional technology system, TeachSmart Learning System™, Creative Diversity™, discover Science!™, Fit 4 You™, Instant Classroom™ and Computers For Kids™.

Company : Hotmath, Inc.

Booth Number : 2444

Web URL :,

Media Relations Contact : Chuck Grant

Hotmath, Inc. has provided the leading math homework service for middle/high/college students for over 10 years at  Our Catchup Math service for algebra remediation diagnoses math learning gaps and provides immediate remediation, online, at  Both Hotmath and Catchup math are incredibly affordable, research-based, standards-correlated and performance proven.  Their high level of interactivity engages students and promotes success in mathematics from middle school pre-algebra through college calculus.

Company : Keep I.T. Easy, LLC

Booth Number : 1297

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Anthony Bowker

Phone : (425) 861-6401

Email :

At ISTE 2010, we will launch version 4 of the Flowol™ robotics software.  Flowol4 (for Windows PC and Apple Mac) allows students to visually design their computer program as a flowchart.  Flowol's straightforward approach makes it accessible by anyone in grades 5-12.  Flowol can control:  3D animated simulations (mimics) which allow students to individually develop their programming and problem-solving skills; Real physical models ranging from traffic lights, microcontroller circuits and wheeled robots.

Company : Knowledge Delivery Systems, Inc.

Booth Number : 1955

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Maria Luis-Brown

Phone : (800) 728-0032 x111

Email :

The Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS) mission is to empower educators by transforming teaching to support the needs of 21st century learners. KDS assembles suites of online dynamic learning experiences with national experts such as Charlotte Danielson and Robyn Jackson, as well as essential data collection and reporting tools for full accountability.  The KDS learning experience allows for scalability and efficacy while enabling participants to benefit from the professional learning experience, implement change, and transform student learning.

Company : LanSchool Technologies

Booth Number : 2320

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Ben Cahoon

Phone : (801) 701-1787

Email :

LanSchool improves teacher effectiveness in 21st century classrooms by removing distractions like games, music and the Internet.

The teacher can demonstrate skills, monitor activity, and assess student progress. LanSchool v7.4, the latest version of the award winning software, offers cross-platform support for Mac, PC, iPad, and Thin Clients using a small fraction of the bandwidth used by competitors.

LanSchool aligns well with ARRA stimulus funds.  Download a free 30-day trial of LanSchool.

Company : Mid-continent Research for Education & Learning

Booth Number : 652

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Bryan Goodwin

Phone : (303) 632-5602

Email :

Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) is a nonprofit corporation focused on research, product development, technical assistance and training for K-12 education improvement. Based in Denver, Colorado, McREL specializes in teacher development and educational technology. We offer Power Walkthrough® software and seminars for school leaders.

Company : MOBL21/Emantras

Booth Number : 2457

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Loui Stricoff

Phone : (610) 449-5899

Email :

Emantras, a 300+ global e-Learning/m-Learning custom content development and innovative educational technology resource, is proud to announce MOBL21. MOBL21 is a break-thru mobile learning software app that gives instructors the ability to create their own media-rich content and push to their students’ mobile devices, desktops, and social networks, so they can truly learn anytime anywhere. Join the mobile learning evolution today by signing up for a free account at

Company : Motorola

Booth Number : 1175

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Maya Komadina

Phone : (847) 946-8062

Email :

Motorola offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless networking solutions designed to enable the truly wireless campus - from large universities to small colleges and school districts. Motorola’s comprehensive portfolio of reliable, cost-effective wireless broadband solutions together with our Wireless LAN solutions provide and extend coverage both indoors and outdoors.  Motorola’s portfolio offers high-speed Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh and Wi-Fi networks that support data, voice and video communications, enabling a broad range of fixed and mobile applications.

Company : NASA

Booth Number : 2019

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Ann Marie Trotta

Phone : (202) 358-1601

Email :

Come learn about NASA education projects related to exploration, robotics, living and working in space, and aeronautics. Learn how to access STEM materials online, and gather information about NASA education services and programs for students and educators. We have formal and informal education resources for K-16.

Company : NetSupport

Booth Number : 1762

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Jennfer Petrikas

Email :

NetSupport School is the leading classroom management software providing Teachers with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with Students individually, as a pre-defined group or to the overall class.  

Combining advanced Student PC monitoring, real-time Presentation and Annotation tools, a customized Testing suite, Internet, Application & Printer controls, real-time PC Audio & Microphone monitoring, Desktop Security with enhanced Win7 and Thin Client support; NetSupport School rises to the challenge and requirements of today's modern classroom.

Company : NYSTROM Herff Jones Education Division

Booth Number : 2310

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Jeff Gibellina

Phone : (773) 279-3238

Email :

NYSTROM Herff Jones Education Division is excited to showcase new 21st century features added to StrataLogica™, our innovative ed-tech product powered by Google Earth. Already in schools and districts nationwide, StrataLogica allows teachers and students to share content and collaborate online using curriculum-based maps in a 3-D environment. E-book atlases and digital charts are also included. Stop by #2310 for a demo of the 21st century learning product and visit for a free trial.  

Company : iClicker

Booth Number : 2412

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Audrey Mann Cronin

Phone : (914) 861-2009

Email :

i>clicker, a leading student response system in higher education, is now rapidly expanding its reach into K-12 classrooms.  i>clicker’s intuitive system allows teachers to poll students anonymously and requires no installation of hardware or software so any teacher can begin polling in minutes. i>clicker’s flexible software works with any application, including any brand of document camera or interactive whiteboard. i>clicker offers superior reliability, intuitive software, and a focus on student assessment and pedagogy.

Company : Inspiration Software, Inc.

Booth Number : 560

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Lisa Wolfe

Phone : (503) 297-3004

Email :

As the leader in visual thinking and learning, Inspiration Software, Inc.’s award-winning software tools are based on proven visual learning methodologies that help students think, learn and achieve. Students grades K-12 use Inspiration Software's products to clarify thoughts, organize and analyze information, integrate new knowledge and think critically. At ISTE, the company will feature Inspiration® 9, the ultimate thinking and learning tool to comprehend, create, communicate and achieve more, as well as Kidspiration® and InspireData®.

Company : NanoProfessor

Booth Number : 784

Web URL :

The NanoProfessor is an interactive nanoscience education program that teaches students the fundamentals of nanotechnology.  The suite of instruments accompanying materials and curriculum enable general students to gain hands-on experience working at the nanoscale.  The NanoProfessor’s affordability, portability, and completeness sets it apart from other nanotechnology equipment or curriculum found in colleges and universities, making the technology more accessible to a wider range of students in smaller institutions and community colleges.

Company : Polycom

Booth Number : 1188

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Caroline Japic

Phone : (408) 474-2265

Email :

Polycom, Inc. is the worldwide leader in unified collaborative communications (UCC) and Distance Teaching & Learning. For additional information call 1-800-POLYCOM (765-9266) or +1-408-526-9000, or visit the Polycom website at

Company : Promethean

Booth Number : 1110

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Jodie Pozo-Olano

Phone : (540) 270-7819

Email :

Promethean is a global leader of interactive learning technology. The ActivClassroom by Promethean is a 360-degree, technology-enabled learning environment that includes interactive whiteboards, hand-held learner response systems, software and training. Promethean’s ActivClassroom brings to life the promise of 21st century learning, improving engagement and results for learners and teachers. Beyond the classroom, Promethean provides comprehensive training and support and, with over 600,000 members, Promethean Planet ( is the world's largest online community for users.

Company : Qwizdom

Booth Number : 1626

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Ian Bryan

Phone : (828) 242-1868

Email :

Qwizdom provides integrated education technology solutions for thousands of schools throughout the U.S. and U.K. Striving to make learning both effective and engaging, Qwizdom offers the most advanced radio-frequency classroom response technology (patents pending), a complete software learning system, more than 150 interactive curriculum programs, and a digital learning network. Founded in 1984, Qwizdom has offices in the Seattle area, Cleveland, and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit or for journalists.

Company : Read Naturally Inc.

Booth Number : 1866

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Ben Weisner

Phone : (800) 788-4085, Ext 8722

Email :

Read Naturally’s innovative, research-proven reading programs provide high quality interventions and differentiated instruction for struggling readers with a wide range of abilities, from first grade through adults. Our fluency development, phonics development, home support, and assessment and progress monitoring programs have helped thousands of students become better readers.

Company : Reading Plus / Taylor Associates Communications, Inc.

Booth Number : 1671

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Randi Bender

Phone : 800-READ-PLUS (732-3758)

Reading Plus® is a web-based reading intervention system that uses innovative technology to provide individualized scaffolded silent reading practice for students in primary and secondary schools as well as at the post-secondary level. The Reading Plus® system, designed in alignment with current reading research, develops and improves reading proficiency by providing extensive engagement in high-success, differentiated reading activities.

Company : Recorded Books, LLC

Booth Number : 1696        

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Lauren Sanders

Phone : (317) 202-2280 x10

Email :

Recorded Books K-12’s digital offerings are designed to help educators reach today’s iGeneration students.  Like an iTunes® for audiobooks, the company’s One-Click Audio Academic Collection boasts over 800 downloadable audiobooks.   Its partnership with Transparent Language brings foreign language instruction technology to the classroom with Transparent Language Premium Edition, Byki Online for Education and KidSpeak.  The company’s ePrep online video-based test preparation course features expert one-on-one tutoring while allowing teachers and administrators to monitor progress.

Company : Scantron

Booth Number : 956        

Web URL :  

Media Relations Contact : Marianna O'Brien

Phone : (800) 722-6876 x6091

Email :

For more than three decades, Scantron has helped education, commercial, and government organizations worldwide measure and improve effectiveness with assessment, data capture and survey solutions built on leading products and comprehensive, value-add services.   Scantron is a leader in testing and assessment services and our K-12 and Higher Education products provide student achievement solutions to teachers, schools, districts and universities.

Company : Sherston America

Booth Number : 995

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Erin Antonius

Phone : (503) 887-0014

Email :

Sherston America publishes award-winning, innovative solutions for education. Creative curriculum content, software for inclusion and evidence-based assessment tools empower teaching and learning, stimulate creativity and equip learners with 21st century technology skills. Their expansive product line fits your environment with products for interactive white boards, portable computers and learning platforms. Titles include BBC Science Simulations and the heralded Track Series. Sherston America is part of BLi Education Ltd, a respected leader in international education.

Company : SMART Technologies

Booth Number : 810

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Laurie Long

Phone : (403) 407-5085

Email :

SMART Technologies, the global leader in interactive whiteboards, develops easy-to-use integrated products and services that improve the way the world learns. For more than 20 years, innovation and commitment to excellence have been at the core of our business. We help educators achieve better results with technology products that support student-centered learning. Every school day more than 30 million students and teachers in over 1.3 million classrooms use SMART products.

Company : Software Express

Booth Number : 920, 926, 1030

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Jennifer Cochran

Phone : (704) 522-7638 x211

Email :

Software Express offers quality software at affordable prices. Our team is highly-trained in licensing and ready to help you select the best software at the lowest price. We understand the unique needs of every customer we serve, and we strive to find your perfect fit every time—often saving customers up to 75%! Call 800-527-7638, click, or email to find out why we make it so easy for you to enjoy top-of-the-line software!

Company : Sourcebooks, Inc.

Booth Number : 2054

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Carrie Gellin

Phone : (630) 961-3900

MyMaxScore is a brand new online SAT prep program that adapts to each student.  It is the only SAT Prep Program that pinpoints a student’s unique weakness focusing immediately on those specific areas that need improvement while spending less time on the areas that have been mastered.  MyMaxScore utilizes critical thinking strategies from Dr. Gary Gruber, the leader in SAT prep.  Because it is available 24/7 with internet access, MyMaxScore will fit into any schedule.

Company : StudyDog

Booth Number : 1560

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Julie Clainos

Email :

StudyDog is Individualized Early Reading software for pre-K thru 1st grade. Scientifically validated, research based with high level graphics, it’s the best online reading program available, least expensive and the fastest growing reading program in schools.  The full value of StudyDog takes more than the 75 word limit will allow, so we’ll leave it to Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, who said “This is the best educational product I’ve ever seen. Period!”

Company : T.H.E. Journal

Booth Number : 1347

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Karen Barak

T.H.E. Journal magazine, website, Newsletters and online resources inform K-12 administrators, technologists and educators about the latest strategies and best practices using technology to influence instruction and administration at schools and districts nationwide. We deliver news, trends, case studies and expert advice on vital topics such as security, policy and advocacy, smart classrooms, mobile and wireless, funding, green initiatives, distance learning, administrative and academic computing, plus more. Free magazine and newsletter subscriptions available at  .

Company : Texthelp Systems Inc.

Booth Number : 2478

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Meghan Donovan

Phone : (888) 248-0652

Email :

Texthelp Systems specializes in providing award winning literacy software solutions. Products include Read&Write GOLD and Fluency Tutor. Read&Write GOLD is an easy-to-use toolbar that integrates with commonly-used applications allowing students to access the tools they need from within familiar environments. Fluency Tutor is a new online solution for developing and measuring oral reading fluency. In June 2010, Read&Write GOLD 4 for Mac will be released with new features and enhancements including a USB MOBILE version!        

Company : The BizWorld Foundation

Booth Number : 2579

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Jaime Zepeda

Phone : (415) 503-5880

Email : jaime.zepeda@bizworldorg

BizWorld's mission is to challenge and engage children across the cultural and economic spectrum through experiential learning programs that teach the basics of business, entrepreneurship, and money management and promote teamwork and leadership in the classroom.

Company : University of Maryland University College

Booth Number : 1983

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Ayda Nesvaderani

Email :

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) is seeking talented part-time or full-time faculty ready to challenge students in one of higher education’s most dynamic learning environments. We are currently recruiting for all disciplines with a focus on Educational Technology and Information Technology. A terminal degree (i.e. PhD, DBA, JD, etc) is required from a regionally accredited institution. However, exceptions may be made based on professional/industry and/or teaching experience. K-12 teaching experience and/or administration is highly desirable.

Company : Vernier Software & Technology

Booth Number : 1142

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Daylene Long

Phone : (888) 837-6437

Email :

Stop by the Vernier Software & Technology booth to see cutting-edge technology specifically for STEM education. Featured in the booth will be our award-winning software, Logger Pro, as well as our newest hand-held solution for science, the Vernier LabQuest. Find the perfect solution for your labs and see how versatile Vernier technology is. Let us show you why we are consistently teachers' top choice for probeware.

Company : Walden University

Booth Number : 896        

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Jen Raider

Phone : (443) 627-7452

Email :

For 40 years, Walden University has supported working professionals in achieving their academic goals and making a greater impact in their professions and their communities. Today, more than 42,500 students worldwide are pursuing their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees at Walden. A leading provider of online education programs, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University prepares educators as scholar-practitioners who can inspire and impact their diverse learning communities.

Company : WeatherHawk

Booth Number : 1155

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Emilie Stewart

Phone : (435) 750-1829

Email :

WeatherHawk®, a Division of Campbell Scientific, Inc., manufactures rugged, reliable meteorological stations for education.  Systems are easy to use and install. Measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, barometric pressure and rainfall. WeatherHawk offers two high-accuracy product families: the Signature Series, a cost-effective solution for schools, it's mechanical sensors help students visualize changes in the microclimate. The 500 Series systems are low profile, low maintenance, all solid state, and meet higher specifications.

Company : Wells Fargo's Stagecoach Island® Virtual World

Booth Number : 2445

Web URL :  

Media Relations Contact : Katie Soo

Phone : (704) 374-6126

Email :

Wells Fargo’s Stagecoach Island online 3-D virtual world is a role-playing game designed to teach young adults about real-world money management. Through fun activities, interactive learning modules and role-play, participants learn important lessons about budgeting, saving money, managing credit, financial aid, buying a home, getting a job and funding post-secondary education.

Wells Fargo’s vision is to satisfy consumers’ financial needs and to help them succeed financially; the Stagecoach Island virtual world is an extension of this goal.

Company : Wilkes University

Booth Number : 626

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Vicki Mayk

Email :

Wilkes University, already one of the largest providers of graduate education in Pennsylvania, is growing nationwide. Wilkes offers innovative and practical master’s degrees, including online programs in Instructional Media and Online Teaching, which teach ed-tech trends that enhance classroom instruction and the role of technology in your district. Wilkes also offers an online master’s degree in School Business Leadership, a doctor of educational leadership degree and numerous letters of endorsement and certificate programs.

Company : World Book

Booth Number : 964

Web URL :

Media Relations Contact : Mary Jung

Phone : (773) 429-0940

Email :

World Book is committed to creating educational products that meet the highest standards of editorial excellence in print and online. This has resulted in a the number-one selling The World Book Encyclopedia; the World Book Web, the most comprehensive and authoritative online solution to meet the diverse information needs of students, educators, public library patrons, and families; and the new World Book Classroom, innovative digital supplemental curriculum to improve learning in libraries, classrooms and at home.

Company : Writer Learning Systems

Booth Number : 1370

Web URL :

Phone : (800) 797-7121

Email :

From simple note taking to advanced writing and communication support, the Fusion portable word processor is designed to assist a wide range of ages and abilities.  On-board programs and features include: text to speech, word prediction, keyboard instruction, math facts practice, calendar (new!), abbreviation expansion (new!) and much more. Stop by our booth to check out all that the Fusion offers.

About ISTE 2010

ISTE 2010 is the annual conference and exposition (formerly NECC) of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE ®), to be held June 27-30 in Denver, CO, at the Colorado Convention Center. The premier membership association for educators and education leaders engaged in advancing excellence in learning and teaching through innovative and effective uses of technology, ISTE represents more than 100,000 education professionals worldwide.  ISTE is home to the NETS, standards that deliver a roadmap for global digital age learning, teaching and school leadership.

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