PR Newswire's Business Technology Round-up, 12th October 2012

Oct 12, 2012, 09:00 ET from PR Newswire

LONDON, October 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Sony releases exciting range of products, YESCO announces outdoor LCDs and Everyday Health launches virtual kitchen

Sony, the leading global manufacturer of consumer electronics, has announced the launch of its new range of next generation products, including the exciting VAIO Duo 11 desktop/tablet hybrid. The new device manages to combine both highly sought after PC functionality with the convenience of a tablet, thanks to the innovative "Surf Slider" mechanism that allows easy switching between physical keyboard and touch screen capability. 

Sony has included a full HD 11.6in screen and a powerful Intel Core processor in order to provide an unrivalled consumer experience, as well as a range of interchangeable styluses to allow "natural handwriting" and high quality sketching options. The VAIO Duo 11 will be available from the end of October, with a provisional price tag of $1099.99, a price reflecting its luxury status.

YESCO, a niche provider of high quality digital signage, has released its new range of LCD screens, designed to provide a solution for high definition outdoor advertising and information kiosks. The screens have been engineered to withstand all forms of weather, whilst also achieving brightness levels that are around four times higher than a traditional LCD screen, making it an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor low light environments. 

According to General Manager Manuel Lynch, the products include "carefully selected high performance components that enable extreme brightness and high definition at incredibly low power consumption". Owners of the product will also be able to take advantage of a built-in wi-fi system and optional remote monitoring. 

Everyday Health, a company specialising in digital health products, has launched a brand new website aimed at providing health conscious individuals with a comprehensive digital environment in which to find and store healthy recipes.

In addition to an extensive virtual library of healthy cook books, visitors to the "Better Eats" site will have access to top tips from celebrity chefs, world renowned health experts and even amateur bloggers, thereby creating a 'one stop shop' for all healthy eating needs. The site will focus on family friendly recipes, as well as attempting to change bad culinary habits via an innovative "Recipe Rehab" feature, with users able to submit their favourite recipe for a healthy makeover by the site's legion of experts. The site will launch in conjunction with the "Recipe Rehab" TV show, due to air at the weekend in the US, on the ABC network.

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