Energy News: Embracing EVs and Lithium, Utility Companies Look to the Future

A look at the energy news from PR Newswire in March and April that you might have missed.


Energy News Trends, March-April 2023


By Teri Fane | Published May 9, 2023


2023 continues to be a busy year for energy news. In March and April, PR Newswire distributed more than 2,050 energy-related news releases

In this post, we'll take a look at some of the most-read releases of the period as well as a few of the trends that dominated the energy news cycle in recent months.

Popular Energy News Releases

  • In early March, Vistra announced plans to combine its Zero renewables and storage projects with Energy Harbor’s nuclear and retail businesses to create “Vistra Vision.”
  • Georgia Power provided three updates on its continued nuclear power testing of the Vogtle Unit 3 and Unit 4. The company excitedly announced Unit 3 had safely reached “initial criticality” in March, meaning operators had safely started a nuclear reaction inside the reactor.
  • Just 10% of California drivers use 25% of the state’s gasoline, according to a new report from the nonprofit Coltura. 
  • The governments of Ethiopia and The Netherlands endorsed Nedamco Africa’s initiative to improve water management for over 10 million people. 



Energy News Trends for March–April 2023

Here’s a look at a few of the trends we noticed among the energy-related press releases in March and April, with a few examples of each.

Embracing Electric Vehicles 

The Inflation Reduction Act continues to encourage manufacturers and consumers to get on board with electric vehicles. EVs are expected to make up over half of vehicle sales by 2030, according to Bloomberg.  During the past two months, companies have released news on new electric vehicles, expanding battery & charging capabilities, and filling educational gaps with consumers. 

Here are some of the big electric vehicle headlines our team noticed:

By the numbers: In the past two months, PR Newswire distributed more than 820 press releases mentioning "electric vehicles." 

Lithium, Battery Power, and Energy Storage Solutions 

The increasing demand for electric vehicles, smartphones, and other smart devices means an increased need for lithium and lithium-ion batteries. A 2022 analysis by the McKinsey Battery Insights team projects that the entire lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery chain, from mining through recycling, could grow by over 30% annually from 2022 to 2030, when it would reach a value of more than $400 billion.

The team noticed several releases regarding lithium mining and lithium-ion batteries during March and April, including:

By the numbers: In the past two months, PR Newswire released more than 500 press releases  that mentioned "lithium."

Energy Companies Make Moves for the Future 

In our last blog post, we promised to watch how energy companies were sharing their advancements toward cleaner energy.  Energy utility companies are increasingly adopting renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of the economic benefits that come with generating energy that does not come from fossil fuels.

From Duke Energy’s new solar farms to Scheider Electric’s Suite of SaaS Sustainability Solutions, here are some of the headlines our team noticed from energy utility companies in March and April:

By the numbers: In the past two months, PR Newswire released more than 700 press releases from utility companies mentioning "renewable energy."

Looking Ahead 

We will continue to monitor the growing EV market and how the lithium market responds to its increasing demands. We also expect to see an uptick in launches and announcements during World Environment Day (June 5) and National Clean Energy Week coming up in September. 


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