Energy News Recap: Hydrogen Economy, Alternative Energies, and More

A look at the energy news from PR Newswire in January & February that you might have missed.


Energy News Trends, January-February 2023


By Paul Niebrzydowski, Rocky Parker | Published March 6, 2023


We’re two months into 2023 and it’s been a busy time for energy news.

In January and February, PR Newswire distributed more than 1,900 energy-related news releases. Our team monitored the headlines and noticed a few recurring trends.

The year kicked off with the return of an in-person CES in Las Vegas and several energy companies debuted new products at the event. Companies and states also continued to take advantage of credits offered by the Inflation Reduction Act to implement new clean energy solutions across sectors.

Below, we dive into the trends and the related press releases.


Popular Energy Releases

These were a few of the most-viewed energy releases of the two-month period:

  • The price of gas was (and is) a major concern for many consumers during the colder months. In mid-February, SoCalGas announced that prices were beginning to trend closer to 2022 prices.
  • Just last week, American Battery Technology Company shared results from an analysis of its Tonopah Flats Lithium Project in Big Smoky Valley, Nev. Data showed that it’s one of the largest known lithium deposits in the United States.
  • In January, United Airlines announced the launch of Blue Blade Energy, a joint venture to develop and commercialize a novel Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) technology.
  • Natural gas producer EQT eliminated natural gas-powered pneumatic devices from its production operations. The project reduced its methane emissions by 70% and reduced its annual carbon footprint by 305,614 metric tons of CO2e.



Energy News Trends: January-February 2023

Let's dive into the trends our team noticed among all the energy-related releases to hit the wire over the first months of 2023.


Hydrogen Economy

Thanks in large part to a favorable domestic policy environment, the role of clean hydrogen production in the United States energy landscape continues to grow. As Sam Porter, CEO of NeuVentus, explains, “the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act have deeply incentivized clean hydrogen.” As a result of these policies, the clean hydrogen market in the United States is poised to make major strides in the coming year

From the production of low-carbon hydrogen to the use of hydrogen cells as a fuel source, companies are excited to announce their contributions to the expanding global hydrogen economy.

In the past two months, PR Newswire released over 150 press releases mentioning hydrogen. Here are some of the big hydrogen headlines our team noticed:

  • In January, Raven SR announced a collaboration with Chevron and Hyzon Motors to produce hydrogen from organic waste. The project, located in Northern California, is expected to be operational next year.
  • To scale hydrogen production in a way that is carbon neutral, Topsoe partnered with Fidelis New Energy. 
  • Nikola Corporation’s Tre hydrogen fuel cell EV (FCEV) received approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for point-of-sale tax incentives. The program allows Nikola’s commercial EVs to benefit from combined incentives when paired with credits from the IRA.
  • Element Resources announced plans to begin hydrogen production at a green hydrogen facility in Lancaster, California, by 2025.


Alternative Energies

In previous energy news trends roundups, we’ve covered the solar industry and how it’s benefitting from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). But solar isn’t the only clean energy option that’s seeing growth. Alternative energies like wind, nuclear, and even wave are experiencing increased interest and investment.

Pricing data from the fourth quarter of 2022 indicates that wind – not solar – will be the biggest immediate beneficiary of IRA incentives. And a major breakthrough in nuclear fusion in December sparked excitement for this potentially bountiful energy resource. The team also spotted a few releases related to wave power at the beginning of the year. This renewable energy captures energy from ocean waves to generate electricity, desalinate water, and more.

During the January-February period, 365 alternative energy releases were sent via PR Newswire. Here are a few examples:

  • Eco Wave Power debuted its on-shore wave energy technology at the Port of Los Angeles in January. Its technology is described as a “renewable energy that does not damage our planet, but helps to answer the need for clean electricity.”
  • Aeromine Technologies announced an investment in its unique bladeless wind energy system that seamlessly integrates with existing commercial building electrical and rooftop solar systems.
  • In Canada, four companies announced their partnership to develop, engineer, and construct North America’s first Small Modular Reactor, which will “help ensure a reliable, affordable and clean electricity system” in Ontario.

Release volume for both the Utilities and Environment Products/Services categories grew in January. As we get closer to Earth Day (April 22), we’ll keep watching the types of announcements companies are making as they continue their work toward a clean energy future.


Energy Companies at CES 2023

In our November/December trends roundup, we ended with a note about energy announcements coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This year’s theme, Human Security for All, focused on innovations that would help tackle global issues, including smart city infrastructure, sustainable energy, and more.

With those goals in mind, energy companies showed up in force at the world’s most influential tech event. The Consumer Technology Association wrapped the successful event and noted that sustainability was one of the key trends, saying brands “showcased how innovation can conserve energy and increase power generation, create sustainable agricultural systems, power smart cities, and support access to clean water.”

Over the course of January and February, PR Newswire distributed 60+ energy-related announcements tied to the trade show.

Here are a few that stood out:

  • EcoFlow debuted its new Whole-home Backup Power Solution to replace noisy, polluting generators. It also launched a portable AC, a robotic lawn mower, and a portable fridge, highlighting the company’s commitment to helping people live on and off the grid.
  • Rachio launched its new Smart Hose Timer to help consumers save time, money, and water.
  • Schneider Electric’s new home energy management solution includes a home battery for clean energy storage, a high-power solar inverter, a smart electrical panel, an electric vehicle charger, and connected electric sockets and light switches.
  • The new solar-powered indoor-safe generators from Geneverse allow users to “power smarter, cheaper, and more sustainably.”

The news coming out of CES is always can’t-miss content, and this year was no exception. We’re excited to see how the products evolve from year to year.


ESG and IoT

The digitalization of energy systems will continue to make grids more resilient, efficient, and sustainable. Digital solutions can help accelerate the clean energy transition, including sensing technologies to identify areas of inefficiency and optimize grids, as well as decision-making technologies to help gather data and inform development strategies.

From IoT and monitoring technologies to ESG investment platforms, companies are eager to tell the story of deploying new technology to meet their sustainability goals.

Here are a few examples:

  • EnergyLink Decarbonization Solutions launched a vertically-integrated funding platform for investment in the sustainable infrastructure sector
  • In light of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Schneider Electric's Chairman and CEO called for businesses and governments alike to deploy digital strategies to decarbonize and “make good on the commitments” to the clean energy transition.
  • Flogistix announced that its methane sniffing technology has been approved by the State of New Mexico for use by oil and gas operators to detect leaks.
  • UL Solutions and MESA Standards Alliance announced a partnership to help standardize communications between utility systems and distributed energy resources (DER).

As we’ve seen at CES, homeowners are also looking for solutions when it comes to energy efficiency and utility management. According to surveys by Parks Associates, 75% of multifamily property managers and owners are very concerned about energy waste, while only 16% of households own a smart thermostat.

Here are few technological solutions helping to make energy efficiency and sustainability attainable for homeowners and property managers:


Looking Ahead

Tax day is approaching (April 18), and that means questions regarding the IRA’s residential clean energy property credits will undoubtedly arise. We’re likely to see a continued flow of press releases helping consumers and companies alike utilize the energy-related benefits offered by the IRA.

The next few months also feature several energy-related days of recognition, including Earth Hour on Saturday, March 25, and Earth Day on Saturday, April 22. Our team will watch how energy companies share their advancements toward cleaner energy. 


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