Women’s History Month, Earth Month, and Workforce-Related News You Might Have Missed 

A look at the policy and public interest news from PR Newswire in March and April that you might have missed.


Policy and Public Interest News Trends, March-April 2023


By Krystal Keele | Published May 12, 2023


Whether it’s celebrating the amazing women out there in the world making a difference or focusing on things being done to make the world a better, safer, and healthier place, we had a lot of great content cross the wire over the last two months! With Women’s History Month and Earth Month having taken place, there’s been many great causes and information showcased by companies across a range of industries.

In this recap, we’ll also be looking over some of the exciting opportunities and insights on issues related to the workforce as well as other safety-related topics to keep in mind as we navigate this post-pandemic landscape, including when getting back out on the road.

PR Newswire issued more than 3,900 policy and public interest releases in March and April, with the following being some of the most viewed:

  • PepsiCo Announces $216 Million Investment in Long-term Partnerships with Three Major Farmer-facing Organizations to Support Regenerative Agriculture Transformation on More than Three Million Acres of U.S. Farmland
  • Kaiser Permanente and Geisinger Come Together to Launch Risant Health and Expand Access to Value-Based Care
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation Announces Significant Breakthrough in Search for Parkinson's Biomarker



Policy and Public Interest News Trends

Here’s a look at a few of the trends we noticed among policy and public interest-related press releases in March and April, with some examples of each.

Women’s History Month

March was a month full of wonderful releases talking about the great women who help shape our world. We read about women in all sorts of industries including music, sports, and gaming. Let’s give a round of applause to all the amazing women out there!

More than 200 press releases that mentioned "International Women’s Day" and/or "Women’s History Month" were sent out in March and April. Here are some of the great releases that came out regarding this month-long celebration:   

Workforce Updates

Finding work can be one of the hardest things a person has to do and even when they do find a job, it can sometimes not feel like the right fit. The good news is nobody is alone in this struggle. During the past two months, we saw a lot of releases talking about issues involving the workforce and uplifting the individuals and groups that help make it great.

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the great releases that came out in relation to this topic:

Earth Month Recap

We only have one planet and with April being Earth Month (and Earth Day recognized on April 22), companies across industries shared announcements to remind us of just that. Between sharing the ways organizations were celebrating, ways we can help protect the environment, and how we can keep ourselves safe from natural disasters, there was a lot of great content focused on a better future for us and the planet.

In March and April, PR Newswire distributed 232 press releases that mentioned either "Earth Day" or "Earth Month."

Need to catch up? Check out these great releases:

Road Safety

Whether you’re traveling somewhere by car, participating in competitive motorsports, or enjoying some thrilling off-terrain riding, safety is key. That was made clear by the number of releases that came out in March and April regarding proper road and riding safety.

During the last two months, PR Newswire distributed nearly 400 press releases related to public safety.

Here are some of the road safety releases you might have missed:

Looking Ahead

While we may be putting Women’s History Month and Earth Month behind us, companies across industries continue their work to respect the planet and the women who are a part of what makes it great. With Mother’s Day coming up in May, we'll see press releases celebrating the motherly figures in our lives. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, so we can be sure to see many companies doing their part to help support that cause.

Furthermore, we have Pride Month and Father’s Day to look forward to in June, so we're expecting to see news announcements regarding the LGBTQIA+ and fatherly figures in our lives.

Stay tuned to see what comes out in the Policy and Public Interest sphere going forward!


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