Flying Cars, Pilot Shortage, E-Scooters: Recent Transportation News Trends

A look at the transportation news from PR Newswire in July and August that you might have missed.


Transportation News Trends, July-August 2023


By Logan Tierno | Published Sept. 10, 2023


You could say that the auto/transport industry is advancing with flying colors. Passengers are taking over the skies while pilots are few and far between. Personal transportation is continuously on the rise, with different types of previously analog vehicles becoming electrified all the time. Even the batteries of which they are comprised are shifting from lithium-based to hydrogen-based for more durability.

Read on to uncover how the industry has connected with its consumers this past July and August.

In this post, we examine the trends that transpired out of the more than 1,900 transportation-related press releases that were distributed during this time period.

Some of the Most Popular Auto/Transport Releases:

These were the top auto/transport news releases of July and August.



Auto/Transport News Trends

We noticed an uptick in four transportation topics, which we expand upon below.

Flying Cars

Consumers have been anticipating the arrival of flying cars to the market since The Jetsons adorned living rooms. After years of competitor concepts, Alef has brought the idea to fruition with the release of the first flying car approved by the FAA.

Here is where flying cars began to lift off during July and August:

Pilot Shortage

At the dawn of the pandemic, the U.S. government imposed restrictions on flying and social distancing by severely restricting the number of flight routes, which in turn led to pilot resignations and retirements.

But now that we are in an endemic, airport attendance and travel demand have substantially increased, creating pressure on the airline workforce.

Take a look at how airlines have been trying to recruit for their openings over the past two months:

By the numbers: There were more than 400 press releases distributed within the air freight and airlines/aviation subcategories in July and August.


We’ve been seeing a plethora of scooters becoming electrified since the beginning of July, continuing the industry’s trend of improving personal transportation vehicles.

Here are some of the e-scooters that we’ve noticed popping up over the wire:

By the numbers: In July and August, PR Newswire distributed dozens of press releases about scooters.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Sustainability and alternative energy sources in the transportation industry are no longer pigeonholed to electric vehicles containing lithium-ion batteries. Consumers continue to show concern over the instability of lithium-ion batteries, so companies are looking to implement hydrogen fuel cells for better durability, longer lifespan, lighter weight, and higher storage capacity.

Here are some of the companies who have made the switch to hydrogen power during July and August:

By the numbers: Nearly 200 press releases mentioned “fuel cell” during July and August.


Flying cars may see slow growth due to their high price, but they will eventually become more affordable as they increase in popularity and operational familiarity. Given the enthusiasm with which airlines and aircraft manufacturers are offering training programs, the pilot shortage hopefully will not be much of a concern in the long-term. More electric vehicles used for personal transportation will continue to appear on the market. Lastly, we'll likely see different types of batteries being used in electric vehicles as the industry focuses on net-zero emissions. Lithium is no longer king, as so far this year aluminum and hydrogen have been contenders to replace it.

Stay tuned for our next auto/transport news trends roundup!


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