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FTP: Our FTP delivery solution provides real-time delivery of raw XML data feeds. Our robust FTP feeds are fully customizable, and are available via push or pull. Here is an example of a German site using our FTP feed: Finanznachrichten

API: Our Content API is designed to allow media organizations, content aggregators, mobile application partners and other content product developers to create applications that formulate simple or complex queries that will search and extract data from PR Newswire’s vast store of news release data. The API can return results in XML, JSON, Atom and Full-Text RSS formats.

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Worldwide Partners


Armes Oubliées
Armes Oubliées is a French language blog dedicated to history of weapons. is a UAE-based news agency led by the Arab bloggers union.


Business Traffic
Business Traffic (BT), a Nigerian-based online publication owned by Three Triangles Limited, offers a comprehensive reportage of the Nigerian and global business environment, providing informed and authoritative information on the Nigerian and global economies.


Central Charts
CentralCharts is a social network and an information portal on the financial markets for traders and investors. It is based in France.


Criptonews es un portal de noticias que publica artículos sobre el mercado de las criptomonedas, Blockchain y noticias relevantes sobre ICO's.


Le Guide Boursier
Le Guide Boursier est un Pure player de l'information boursière, notre portail sur la bourse se positionne comme l'intervenant expert sur son coeur de métier, à savoir l'information financière.


Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet is THE source for crypto news, trading resources and hardware wallets.


CryptoPrice.Ng is a financial platform that provides daily the most trusted financial market and cryptocurrency information. Also serving as a cryptocurrency & blockchain resource, It shows the most accurate live prices, charts and market rates from trusted top crypto exchanges globally, with over 2100+ cryptocurrencies and their accurate historical data. 



Dig Deep - The Mining Podcast
Dig Deep - The Mining Podcast was launched in November 2018 through iTunes and is produced weekly, providing mining content to the industry through interviewing seasoned professionals who may want to express their views on the latest news, talk about a particular topic or promote their company, project or operation. This is where senior leaders can pitch either their company or project/operation to the wider community to attract finance and awareness.


E-Business Blog
E-Business Blog brings you everything you need to know about the latest developments and trends in the UK and worldwide eBusiness market,  e-commerce sector online business industry and more will be available here.


Finance Brokerage
Finance Brokerage is the leading source of most recent and relevant information on Forex, Economy, Technologies, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies. Along with the news, we offer you a full scale of trading and educational resources, enabling you to become a successful trader on the foreign exchange market.


Finanzas & I+D+i
Finance Brokerage is the leading source of most recent and relevant information on Forex, Economy, Technologies, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies. Along with the news, we offer you a full scale of trading and educational resources, enabling you to become a successful trader on the foreign exchange market.


Gayther is a service dedicated to bringing members of the LGBTQ+ together, through services, events. The website publishes PR Newswire's LGBTQ news.


Impresa Internazionale
Impresa Internazionale is a website dedicated to export-oriented Italian companies. Companies interested in exporting "made in Italy" products meet in this magazine and tell their experiences.


ItalyUSA Magazine
ItalyUSA Magazine deals with topics related to institutional relations between Italy and the United States. In particular, this magazine informs Italian Americans about news about their community and important events in their motherland.


Kenyan Times
Kenyan Times is a leading integrated news website providing in-depth technology, entertainment, and business news across Sub-Saharan Africa and the globe.


Mademoiselle Aelle
Gaëlle is a webmaster, blogger, beauty and fashion editor. Mademoiselle Aelle is a three-year-old beauty and fashion blog where beauty reviews, tips and tutorials are published daily. This French blogger also creates lookbooks, inspired outfits and posts with good shopping tips. She tries to present products for all budgets to make sure her reviews correspond as much as possible her readers. Gaëlle’s blog also has a lifestyle section where the  author loves to talk about everything and nothing: cooking, career or personal development. is a digital PR and guest posting SEO agency based in London, UK.


Merry Markets is an online financial news and market analysis website covering posts on a range of asset classes – Shares, Indices, Commodities, Forex, Crypto Currencies, breaking news, analysis and commentary on investment banking, fund management, hedge funds, pensions,  private equity and financial regulation. provides the latest automotive news and driving experiences in the Arab world.


NADJA is an online platform that reports the world through the eyes of women. We have a passion for discovering, questioning and sharing amazing stories from around the world. Stories of women of the past that have shaped our present. Stories of women of our time who are shaking up their fields, leading the way and creating our future – giving us a glimpse of where the world is going.


NEWTECHSTORE  is a Company that retains warehouses in 5 European countries (Italy, France, Hungary, Spain and Greece). We are team professionals who understand what the customer needs and try to fulfill those requirements in an appropriate span of time with a suitable price. We Deal in green technologies, smart health technology, robots, holograms, VR & AR, Smart Home & other new technology products as per the customer’s requirement. Our Customers belong from construction companies, restaurants, playgrounds, traders, hotels, janitorial cleaning service providers and exhibition centers.


The editorial NTDhoy, S.L., publishes online professional technical newspapers, since 2001, with a very demanding level of content. Staying up to date with the latest news is our ultimate goal.


One News Page
One News Page is a leading news portal website featuring original news coverage and syndicated content from trusted media outlets worldwide. The One News Page website offers live access to breaking news, a comprehensive news archive of tens of millions of news articles as well as a fast-growing library of news-related video clips.


Phonsta is an Egyptian website covering smartphone news in Arabic.


SolarNews is a magazine specializing in solar energy, present in all developments in the sector.


TechMetro Africa
TechMetro Africa is a technology news and information service that provides in-depth coverage of the development and transformation of Africa through technology.


The Energy Industry Times
The Energy Industry Times is a monthly newspaper dedicated to providing forward-looking reporting on the key issues driving this exciting sector. At last, an easy way to keep abreast of the latest news in the power and energy sectors – from a source you can trust.


The Energy Republic
The Energy Republic  is a global publication and business platform that provides an in-depth analysis of the oil industry, and opportunities around clean energy sources such as Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Energy, Geothermal Energy, Biomass Energy, among others...


The Gazelle News
The Gazelle was founded in 2013 to publish and circulate news as soon as they break to a global audience. We also do special report on events. We are available on all social media platforms.


The News Digest
The News Digest is among Nigeria's leading news websites operated by young Nigerian graduates. Over the years, The News Digest has had top-notch investigations in Nigeria's Education sector, aside exclusive political breaking news/analysis/interviews, entertainment news and special reports. By so doing, The News Digest have become a household name to a large populace of readers spreading through all parts of the country who rely on the platform daily for factual news items.


Tourism Embassy
TourismEmbassy is a Spain based travel online portal. It’s one of a kind; TourismEmbassy is the ideal place for those with an interest in travels and tourism.  The website is live with 8 different versions, one for each of the following languages: English, Catalan, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.  blog especializado en  videojuegos y nuevas tecnologías.



Who Is Best Broker
Who Is Best Broker is a leading forex and economy news website with the latest news and videos straight from the financial Industry, promotes leading brokerage firms that suit the objectives and needs of the clients. Our goal is to provide every trader with relevant and up to date information about a particular broker and to inform individuals about current events and market news..

Yahoo Finance France
Yahoo Finance is one of the major business news and financial data website in France.