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Showcase your news in a centralized resource

Trade shows and conferences are fast-paced and managing all the details can be a challenge. Media outreach and coverage are critical to success at events, but in such a hectic environment it might be hard to drive the attention you seek. Leverage Virtual Press Office™ to make achieving your event objectives as seamless as possible.

  • Centralized Media Resource — Showcase your company’s news, multimedia content and resources for the media and influencers.
  • Multiple Engagement Options — Reach and interact with your audiences on your exhibitor site, social channels, email, etc.
  • Flexible & Fast Offerings — Our suite can support your needs from a premium, branded experience to a simple content hub.
  • Reporting — Receive post-show reports outlining audience engagement with your messages.
  • Streamlined Set-Up — Send us your content and we will quickly set up your online press kits. 
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