THRED, a Content Platform Developed by Legendary Designer, Will Wright, Launches on iOS

Platform gives people the tools to create multi-image stories on mobile connecting people, places, topics and web content

May 07, 2015, 09:20 ET from THRED

BERKELEY, Calif., May 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- THRED (, a content platform that gives people the tools they need to create and share multi-image stories, or threds, today announced the launch of its mobile app on iOS. In addition to being a robust creation tool, THRED also has a vast linking ecosystem that enables people to connect places, topics, other people, and web content. THRED is backed in funding from various investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Mayfield Fund, Betaworks, and John Riccitiello. A short video of THRED can be viewed here.

THRED is being developed by Will Wright, legendary game designer and creator of the multi-billion dollar gaming franchises, The Sims and SimCity. The success of these pop culture franchises proves Will is no stranger to giving people the tools they need to be creative – a skill he's brought into the development of THRED.

"THRED is a direct evolution of my interests in crowdsourcing, online communities and tools that amplify the imagination," said Will Wright, Founder and CEO of THRED. "In recent years, I've been drawn more and more to new entertainment forms - ones that lead the user to become more engaged with the world around them, rather than withdrawn from it."

THRED's intuitive tools make it easy for people to create unique expressions of their everyday lives, proving that one doesn't have to be an artist, writer or photographer to be – and feel – creative. A user can simply grab a web image, a photo or a GPS location to create and share a thred with their friends and followers. There is no limit or expectation about the type of content one can create with THRED. The platform gives users the freedom to create threds about anything that they're interested in – from memes, web comics and vacation photos to sequential photography, pop culture skewering, useful how-to's and more. THRED assembles content into a single stream, making it easy to consume bite-sized bits of entertainment often.

Wright continued: "One of the fundamental ideas behind THRED is a better way to create and consume content for mobile. We provide quick and easy access to the sea of personal and global data we swim through every day as building blocks for the creative process."

In addition to content creation, THRED is also a platform best served for connecting people, places and topics. THRED's vast linking ecosystem, called Storyweb, goes beyond simple URL's by incorporating hashtags (topics), mentions (people), places (location), external links (URL's) and other threds. By including these different forms of linking all in one place, Storyweb encourages persistent conversation and allows people to get lost on a journey of discovery amongst threds and unique content.

Those looking to personalize and amplify their THRED experience will enjoy Your Day: an access within the platform that pulls data points like location and camera roll. With Your Day, users will have more fodder to create unique, entertaining, and personalized threds.


Founded in 2013 by Will Wright, THRED is a Berkeley-based start-up and developer of the mobile app, THRED: a content creation platform that gives people the tools they need to create multi-image stories, or threds. The company is backed with funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Mayfield Fund, Betaworks, John Riccitiello, HVF, Max Levchin and Dennis Crowley. THRED aims to be the next great platform for interactive experiences when it launches in May 2015.