5 Lessons In Building Brand Trust With Social Media

Dec 18, 2013, 08:00 ET from Scott Levy

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- We all know relationships are a two-way street. However, traditional marketing has long kept the relationship between companies and consumers in a one-way alley. Today, consumers are not interested in being talked to by companies hiding behind well-crafted logos and manicured slogans—they want full disclosure.

"Personalities and companies need to drop the scripted responses and reveal a little more reality," says Scott Levy, marketing strategist and author of Tweet Naked: A Bare-All Social Media Strategy for Boosting Your Brand and Your Business (Entrepreneur Press 2014). "Showing your audience that there's a warm body behind the tweets, posts and comments shows the authenticity that you need to create lifelong customers."

Levy offers business owners and entrepreneurs five tips to using social media to create long-lasting relationships with their consumers.

  1. Be Yourself—It's important to show your human side, vulnerability to gain your audience's trust. Creating a character online that shows who you are will emit the things you're passionate about—your brand and business will shine and you'll gain attention.
  2. Become Transparent—Yes, there is something to be said about sharing your financial numbers with your shareholders, but this is SOCIAL MEDIA. People want to know about your struggles, successes and passions. Most companies and their employees take part in fundraising activities and charities to help support their community. Tweet about it and make sure to share a picture. People will gravitate toward companies and brands who share in their interests and causes.
  3. Have Conversations—It's a two-way street. Engage your audience and provide customer service through social media. Respond to customer questions, complaints and posts often and honestly. Drop the corporate jargon.
  4. Apologize—Letting people know that you messed up is another way of being transparent. Talking about what happened and what you're doing to remedy the situation will help create empathy. Being able to deliver an apology in a timely and deliberate manner via social media can help avoid negative postings about you, your company and your brand.
  5. Engage the Audience—Get people involved in the development process. By asking your audience to weigh in on a new product it will create a buzz, capture your audience's attention and possibly garner new followers.

Scott Levy is the founder and CEO of Fuel Online, a Nashville-based online marketing agency that focuses on social media and SEO. His new book Tweet Naked: A Bare-All Social Media Strategy for Boosting Your Brand and Your Business is available at all fine book retailers.

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