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Designed by SVA Architects, Inc., the "Townhall" space at MetWest High School within La Escuelita Education Center uses daylight harvesting to take advantage of natural light.  The high performance glazing used in the space has different characteristics to handle the type of daylighting, but within the space the north and south glazing appear uniform.  On warmer days, the large, low speed fans automatically turn on.  These are controlled by a central energy management system that moves air either up or down depending on whether the system is in cooling or warming mode.
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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio, USA.
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Powertree electric vehicle charging station in San Francisco. Panasonic is partnering with to Powertree to construct 68 Solar-Powered EV charging stations with energy storage in San Francisco. Powertree Services' innovative solution combines solar energy generation with battery storage and EV charging and the ability to offer supplemental building energy. The stations are scheduled to be completed by Earth Day 2015.
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