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Hans-Holger Albrecht
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TuneCore brings more music to more people, while helping musicians and songwriters increase money-earning opportunities and take charge of their own careers. The company has one of the highest artist revenue-generating music catalogs in the world, earning TuneCore Artists $438.8 million on 8.8 billion streams and downloads since inception. TuneCore Music Distribution helps artists, labels and managers sell their music through iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and other major download and streaming sites while retaining 100% of their sales revenue. TuneCore Music Publishing Administration assists songwriters by administering their compositions through licensing, registration and worldwide royalty collection, including YouTube monetization.
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OtterBox Defender Series for iPad mini 3, available now on
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Peregrine's latest high-reliability PLL, the UltraCMOS(R) PE97240, is optimized for space applications and offers improved phase-noise and superior radiation performance.
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Gummy Drop! is Big Fish's fastest growing mobile game. It combines the familiar fun of Match-3 with the strategy of resource management. Previously only available for iPhones and iPads, Gummy Drop! is available today to download for free at Amazon and Google Play. With new content and challenges added frequently, it is always exciting and new to play. New York, NY, was just added this week to San Francisco, CA; Sydney, Australia; and Tokyo, Japan.
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