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Polaris Group
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Headquartered in New York City, AMC Health is a leading provider of telehealth solutions that provide customized, scalable, cost-effective programs that assist organizations serving at-risk populations and those conducting clinical trials. A proven combination of technology and end-to-end support services enables safe, dependable monitoring at home. AMC Health's remote patient monitoring programs deliver clinically actionable information that enhances care coordination, improves patient outcomes, improves the quality and reduces the cost of clinical trials, and reduces the overall cost of healthcare. For more information, visit
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Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation. (PRNewsFoto/Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation)
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From left to right: Stanley Nelson, MD, Center for DMD at UCLA; Thomas Sugar, PhD, Arizona State University Polytechnic School; Tom Egan, SRI International; Roy Kornbluh, SRI International; Laura Case, DPT, Duke University School of Medicine; Keith Van Houten; Annie Kennedy, PPMD; Matt Arnold, Solid Ventures; Lee Sweeney, PhD, University of Pennsylvania; Tina Duong, DPT, Children's National Medical Center; Annie Ganot; Ilan Ganot, Solid Ventures; Eytani Ganot; Andrey Zarur, PhD, Solid Ventures; Brenda Wong, MD, Comprehensive Neuromuscular Center, Cincinnati Children's; Rich Mahoney, SRI International; Gilad Hayeem, Solid Ventures; Elliott Rouse, PhD, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago; Joel Schneider, PhD, Solid Ventures
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Dec 17, 2014

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