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Vacation Myrtle Beach recently released a list of its top fall deals for 14 oceanfront resorts. (PRNewsFoto/Vacation Myrtle Beach)
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Miami Seaquarium Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/Miami Seaquarium)
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Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain - The Thrill Capital of the World (PRNewsFoto/Six Flags Magic Mountain)
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Robyn Webb has written 17 cookbooks, sold nearly a million, travelled the world and wrote this first of its kind ebook available now on The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide is fun and informative and filled with hyperlinked maps, apartment photos and Robyn's years of insider's knowledge. It eliminates the fear-factor of renting in a foreign country and is written for anybody ready to try a side of Paris you can never experience from inside a hotel room. (PRNewsFoto/Robyn Webb)
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