Environmental Products & Services This section features news stories and announcements related to specific environmental products and services. Stories concerning environmentally-friendly measures taken by companies spanning a wide swath of industries are also covered. Additional topics may include industry leaders, consumer trends, marketing strategies, and global impact.

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2 immigrants create a window to nature for the masses. The EcoQube C is a desktop ecosystem and the lowest maintenance aquarium ever! You NEVER have to change the filter because it uses natural PLANTS to filter the water! http://kck.st/1yu2hlY
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Healthy Hives 2020 is a Bayer CropScience initiative for improving the health of honey bee colonies in the U.S. by the year 2020.
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Kimberly-Clark Professional has launched GreenHarvest products, a cutting edge offering that incorporates rapidly renewable plant-based fiber, such as wheat straw and bamboo, into Kleenex and Scott brand towel and tissue products.  GreenHarvest offerings include Kleenex hard roll towel and Kleenex Cottonelle coreless standard roll bathroom tissue made with 20 percent bamboo fiber, and Scott multi-fold towels, standard roll bathroom tissue, coreless JRT Jr. bathroom tissue and coreless standard roll bathroom tissue made with 20 percent wheat straw fiber.
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On Monday April 20, Shaklee Corporation, leader in natural health & wellness products  opened the Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee Global Innovation Center in Pleasanton, California, near Shaklee World Headquarters. The new innovation center houses the Shaklee Research and Development teams to create stronger and more impactful innovations in the field of nutritional science.
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Versar, Inc.
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