6th ROIfestival Will be Held on November 13th

- Count Down to a Salute to Creativity

Nov 06, 2013, 08:30 ET from ROIfestival

SHANGHAI, Nov. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 3, the 10-day countdown to the 6th ROIfestival began, which is known as a top event in Asia's creative industry and will be held at Shanghai Center Theater.

ROIfestival, which starts on November 13, includes three parts, namely a global leading creativity summit, the ROI Awards Ceremony and a red carpet show and reception for the top 10 most-anticipated Chinese digital platforms for the 2014 bidding session. There will be 33 keynote speeches and round table discussions. Many CEOs from leading 4A advertising firms and famous media, superstars from home and aboard as well as other opinion leaders will share how to realize the commercial value of creativity.

Judging according to the standard of "let the market rate creativity", top entries from a total 3,802 campaigns, which are provided by more than 400 leading media outlets, advertising agencies and public relations firms, will be awarded at the ROI Awards Ceremony. Additionally, the ROI Young Creative Contest, ROI Ambassadors Contest and tens of peripheral activities will become a great platform for more than 4,000 participants to communicate and expand their social relationships.

Another high point of the 6th ROIfestival is the world debut of Commercial Creativity, a book written by Onicek He, who is the founder and organizer of ROIfestival. The highly anticipated book teaches enterprises how to get maximize returns with limited budget through redefining the category of creativity that can produce commercial value. This blazes the trail of commercial creativity theory, which is unprecedented and sets a milestone for the industry.  

The most anticipated session in each ROIfestival must be the Global Leading Creative Summit. It is unforgettable not only because of the awesome opinions on the industry shared by all the keynote speakers, but also for the communication and interaction between creative elites and those masters.

For the Global Leading Creative Summit at the 6th ROIfestival this year, the committee will continue to invite distinguished guests. Global chairmen and CEOs from world famous 4A advertising firms such as Howard Draft, who is the chairman of Draftfcb global, Andrew Robertson, who is the CEO of BBDO global, and so on will present at the summit; some presidents from famous Chinese Internet giants will join the summit as well, for example, Ding Lei, CEO of Netease; Du Hong, co-president of Sina; Gong Yu, CEO of Iqiyi; Jia Yueting, CEO of LetTV, and so on. What's more, there will also be celebrity media figures, such as Shao Zhong, chairman of Modern Media Co., Ltd; Jiang Nanchun, founder and CEO of Focus Media; Liu Jiang, founder of Trends magazine and Li Yong, general manager of SMG, etc. Additionally, Wang Zhongjun, president of Huayi Brothers, and many famous Chinese superstars such as Aloys, Huang Bo, Super Wu, Cannon, Olivia, Wang Zijian and some other special guests will make an appearance.

The 6th ROIfestival is only 10 days away! Wide-ranging events will take place. To learn more about ROIfestival, please visit http://www.roifestival.com/ and their Facebook: www.facebook.com/ROIfestival to learn more.

About ROIfestival:

ROIfestival is set to reward the most innovative brands and enterprises, encouraging them to gain and maximize market returns with a limited budget in the creative industry. "ROI" means return on investment. ROI Awards is organized to inspire brand owners & product design firms, agencies, media, and production houses to produce the best works in product design and creative communications.

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