A New Patent Issued For Art Form Parleau - The Artist/Inventor Simon Raab Condemns His Own $2 Billion Art Factory

Jun 12, 2013, 22:52 ET from NY Art Press

NEW YORK, June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- While the world of patent rights argues about whether the human gene can be patented, an equally controversial patent issued for a new art form begs the question: "Should an art form also be patentable?" This question is just a cousin of the debate whether factory art can be considered 'art' if the artist never touched the work. These two questions are folded together in a recent announcement of artist Simon Raab's newly issued art patent describing his unique "Parleau" medium and his condemnation of his own 2 billion dollar art factory.

Simon Raab's work is being presented by the Michael Schultz Gallery Beijing at The Solo Project fair in Basel, Switzerland, this week. There he presents his conventional bronze grenade sculptures and a single highly symbolic and important piece in the Parleau medium called "Andy Boom". The symbolism of "Andy Boom" is best summarized by a quote from a recent article:

"I have come to a late-in-life epiphany ... I now believe factory art is a lie. I have meticulously managed beautiful and enormously complex pieces of art with the help of many talented technicians, but I never really touched those pieces of art. I realize that my original factory artworks are not art. Koons' balloon dogs are not art, Hirst's dot paintings are not art, and Murakami's steel Pokemon atrocities are not art. My grenades are meant to explode this delusional dollar-awestruck-industrial convention we find ourselves in. Art is made by the hand of the artist, every stroke every chisel mark must belong to the artist. I created 'Andy Boom', a Parleau of Andy Warhol holding a grenade, his sad expression says: "I know I started something awful and I am sorry and with this grenade I will perform Seppuku."

The work of Simon Raab can be seen at booth E3 at The Solo Project Basel from June 12th-16th, 2013.

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