ANGL Provides The B2B Live Video Social Streaming Solution

16 Oct, 2015, 14:25 ET from ANGL Technologies Inc

NEW YORK, October 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

In response to the "What's Your Angle on a live social streaming strategy: Periscope, Meerkat or Integrate" article, ANGL has been hard at work developing what they believe is THE B2B live video social streaming solution that offers unique products and features, utilizes usecases never seen before for B2B partners, and a win-win business framework.

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Vision: ANGL believes live video social streaming is a new form of communication that will take place across all digital channels. ANGL is here to be the underlying technology solution for live video social streaming.

Products and Features:    

1) Technology plug-in:  allows your company to quickly, seamlessly

and inexpensively have a live video social streaming solution

2) Showing Streams on the Big Screen at Events: ANGL has created a first of its kind experience that is similar to the "Kiss Cam" effect where consumers see themselves on the big screen:

3) Embeddable Live Webplayer

4) Controls to Curate and Repurpose Streams Across Channels: ANGL's Control Panel allows any team to use UGC live video social streams across channels

5) Contests and Promotions: ANGL's patented Echo technology enables unique promotions

6) Content is King: ANGL's partners own the UGC content

7) Branding: Ability to brand the webplayer and the Wall (in venue LED screens)

8) Recommendation Engine: Personalized real time recommendations for the UGC streams

ANGL believes that they have the most robust and future proof features in the industry with an equally important model. ANGL has created a structure that is nimble to meet the varied needs of their B2B partners' strategy. Their model empowers partners to use our products and features for free, or pay a licensing fee to brand the experience and/or incorporate ANGL's technology plug-in.

The ANGL vision is resonating, as partners want to leverage live video social streaming beyond strictly using it as a marketing tool. They're excited to be announcing some major partnerships in the coming weeks and months.

ANGL has the features and model to empower B2B experiences and enable consumer's access to live video social streaming where and when they want it.

Product Overview:


Contact: Andras Kovecs, Founder & CEO, ANGL, Mobile +36-20-447 1177, email:

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