AskMen Launches New 'Manalytics' Site Offering In-Depth Insights About Today's Man

-Annual Great Male Survey feature transformed into a data-informed site for marketers, journalists, professionals and others seeking information on the male 18-35 audience-

Aug 08, 2011, 12:54 ET from AskMen

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AskMen, the leading men's lifestyle site, today unveiled a data-informed site for 'manalytics' – – a definitive source for the latest insights to manhood, generated from polling, analyzing and serving the largest men's lifestyle readership on the web.


Stemming from AskMen's annual "Great Male Survey" feature – the world's largest online survey for men on dating, sex, technology and other lifestyle habits – the new site is a one-stop-shop for marketers, journalists and industry professionals seeking comprehensive, curated research and expert analysis about today's man.  

"We believe that data makes great ideas possible, and we wanted to create a destination that provides users with a deeper understanding of who the modern man really is," said Ricardo Poupada, General Manager of AskMen. "We are excited to share our expertise resulting from over a decade of interactions with our male audience, as well as research from some of the data industry's brightest minds."  

Demonstrating its deep understanding of men 18-35, the site will provide timely, relevant, industry-focused content based on AskMen's own data; as well as research from leading thinkers and interviews with some of the brightest minds.  The site will explore how data is used by professionals in the men's space through sections including (but not limited to):

  • The Pitch – A monthly feature that highlights one great campaign, deep dive into why it's relevant and relate back to trends and data.
  • The Infograph – A monthly visual graph or chart, based on AskMen polls, internal research and more.
  • The Expert – A monthly interview with a luminary in the data field; people doing inspiring projects relating to the men's market.
  • The Blog – Curated tidbits of relevant data and research to men, updated 2-3 times per week.

To inform the site, AskMen will pull insights from a variety of on-site features, including its Ipsos OTX MediaCT endorsed "2011 Great Male Survey" (which launched in July with over 80,000 responses); its "Top 49 Most Influential Men" (an annual reader poll of male influencers with nearly three-million responses to date) and the "Top 99 Most Desirable Women" (an annual reader poll of the women men find most attractive, with more than 25 million responses to date).

Since its launch more than a decade ago, AskMen has grown to become the leading men's lifestyle site in the world, reaching more than 16.4 million men every month.

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