Atmosphere Coordinator, Sign Spinner and Travel Agents Among the Most Useless Jobs, Says New Report

Aug 22, 2013, 06:00 ET from

CARLSBAD, Calif., Aug. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- From data-entry clerks and word processors to sign spinners and shoe repairers, opportunities still exist for less than fulfilling employment, according to a new report on useless jobs. While there are certain professions that may not fill any meaningful purpose – reality TV star, for example – there is enough consumer demand to keep people who hold some of the most menial, obsolete and downright useless jobs busy.

Many useless jobs still exist because the work needs to get done and hasn't been automated. A challenge for those who hold dwindling jobs is parlaying their experience into other opportunities. If a particular skill set is no longer in demand, the onus is on you to learn new viable skills.

Technology is the most consistent factor in rendering a job useless. Planning a trip today is a do-it-yourself endeavor: you can book accommodations, transportation, and navigate your route online. Thus, the traditional travel agent is no longer necessary. However, specialized travel agents still exist to tackle unusual or exotic requests, usually from wealthy clients.  They've created a niche that has turned a useless job into a profitable one.

"To find more relevant employment, you need to be able to spin your skills into a more marketable light or pick up new skills that reflect the changing employment landscape," says Tony Lee, publisher,

Most useless jobs have one attribute in common: they are low wage. And while sign spinning is popular now, it could face a similar fate of shrinking market that other careers see.

One solution for a useless job is to seek ways to contribute more to the job you have, or find volunteer work or a second job that adds more workplace stimulus. Remember also that job market instability over the past few years has taught many of us to not take employment for granted. If you find yourself looking at the clock every few minutes, it could be worse -- you could be spending your time seeking a paying job.'s Most Useless Jobs:

Atmosphere Coordinator


Data-Entry Keyers and/or Word Professor

Medium/Professional Clairvoyant

Shoe Repairer

Sign Spinner

Telephone Operator

Travel Agent