Ballast Nedam Develops Modular Stadium Concept

Jun 05, 2013, 01:30 ET from United Business Media

Plug & Play Core for Qatar 2022 presented at PROVADA

    Ballast Nedam presented a modular concept for stadiums at PROVADA 2013, the annual
three-day real estate meeting point in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The idea behind the
innovative Plug & Play Core concept is for the new generation of stadiums to adapt to
changing needs, and to be reusable at a different location, possibly with a different
modular configuration.

    The Plug & Play Core is a completely new approach to sports stadium design. This
modular stadium concept was developed for ease of dismantling, transport and reuse of the
stadium core, in a wide variety of designs. The elements that make up the three types of
Plug & Play Core module have been optimized for transport. A module comprises a steel main
supporting structure with a floor and stand elements. A stadium of any design can be
created with these modules.

    The architectural shell of the stadium core allows ample design freedom, so a stadium
can be given a distinctive appearance.

    Plug & Play Core is fully compatible with UEFA and FIFA requirements for stadiums.
Plug & Play Core's generous view of the pitch even exceeds these requirements. The optimum
stand design gives each seat a C value as high as 120, where the minimum prescribed by
FIFA is 90. Plug & Play Core can be used for everything from complete stadiums to small
stands, which are able to adapt flexibly to the ambitions of the club.

    Qatar 2022

    Qatar will have no further need for all those large sports stadiums once the 2022 FIFA
World Cup comes to an end. The essence of Plug & Play Core is that the stadium complies
with the requirements for permanent use, but with a core that is fully reusable and
transportable. A Plug & Play Core stadium can be used elsewhere in the world when the
World Cup is over, possibly with a different modular configuration.

    Life cycle thinking and acting

    The modular concept is about controlling the entire life cycle of the stadium core,
with particular attention to production, logistics, safety and sustainability. Production
and distribution facilities have been designed for efficient delivery of elements to
stadium sites. Lessons learned from life-cycle analyses ensure that Plug & Play Core
construction is CO2 neutral.

    Plug & Play Core also changes the financing options for a stadium. There is no more
need for investment in a permanent site, but instead in a reusable product with a clear
residual value.

    Ballast Nedam has an excellent track record in the development of multifunctional

    Ballast Nedam developed three stadiums for the 2004 UEFA European Football
Championship in Portugal, including the UEFA Elite stadiums in Lisbon and Porto for 52,000
spectators. The knowledge and experience gained in developing and building stadiums of all
sizes has been brought together in Plug & Play Core, a completely new approach to sports
stadium design.

    Modular products

    Ballast Nedam is industrializing the building process to raise the standard of
flexibility in anticipation of market changes. Our modular products are an appropriate
response to clients' life-cycle management approach, and to end-customers' and the
community's changing needs and requirements. This new approach to building delivers a
higher constant quality while also attending to relevant sustainability aspects.

    Alongside Plug & Play Core, Ballast Nedam's other modular concepts for both the new
building and renovation markets for residential and nonresidential construction include
the iQwoning(R), Ursem Modular Building Systems and ModuPark(R), the modular car parking

    Ballast Nedam engages in integrated projects in The Netherlands in four areas of work:
housing, mobility, energy and nature. Within this area we focus on the niche markets:
industrial construction, offshore wind turbines, secondary raw materials and alternative
fuels. In a number of areas of expertise, we also operate internationally. The Ballast
Nedam share is included in the Amsterdam Small Cap Index (AScX) of NYSE Euronext.

    Ballast Nedam's approach is based on life cycle thinking and acting: we develop,
construct, manage and recycle. We are involved in long-term management, maintenance and
operation of projects and organize financial feasibility. Our supply and specialized
companies deliver competitive edge through innovation, cost leadership and purchasing
strength. Ballast Nedam's range of services is shifting towards modular products and
specific product-market combinations with greater added value.

    Ballast Nedam creates enduring quality combined with lower life cycle costs for its
customers and society.

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