Bat Blue Releases Book on Unified Cloud Security

The CxO Guide to Building Effective, Agile & Sustainable Cyber Security

09 Feb, 2016, 08:47 ET from Bat Blue Networks

NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Bat Blue Networks, the innovator of Unified Cloud Security, today released a new book: Unified Cloud Security: A CxO Guide to Building Effective, Agile and Sustainable Security with Cloud/SEC.

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Authored by Bat Blue Founder and CEO, Babak Pasdar and Gillian Ibach, Lead Cyber Intelligence Analyst, the book goes beyond an honest diagnosis that security as it exists is not working, to offer meaningful and specific guidance on how to build effective, agile and sustainable cyber security. Their solution is a radical departure from traditional security's broken and haphazard approach.

The book is available in the E-book format or as a hard copy by request on Bat Blue's Web Site.

Many in the industry, including the likes of Amit Yoran, President of RSA Security, have been vocal in their conclusion traditional security is not working. Meaning that traditional security is expensive, resource intensive, and perpetually changing. The traditional approach makes security unsustainable for organizations of any size.

"Security professionals are constantly being tasked with the impossible. Working with traditional security is like changing the wheels while driving 100 mph," said Babak Pasdar.

Hacks and data leaks continue to impact organizations indiscriminately, even those who take security seriously. JP Morgan recently upped its security spend to $500 million. Apparently spending $250 million on security was not enough since JP Morgan experienced a very public compromise. If $250 million is not enough, then what chance do small and mid-tier organizations have?

Pasdar and Ibach examine each pain point associated with the complexities of product-based security to conclude that traditional security serves to create just as much complexity as it does security. "On their way to building defense-in-depth, many organizations have only managed to achieve complexity-in-depth. And complexity is the enemy of security." They then delve into how to achieve agile, adaptive, strategic and sustainable security that today's distributed compute and access demand.

The average security operations team is struggling to juggle an endless number of security products and services for many silos of security including Cloud Instances, SaaS Applications, Mobile Devices, Data Centers and Branch Offices. They have to select, acquire, implement, integrate, operationalize, manage and troubleshoot many products across the many silos of security. Then they start all over again with refreshes every three to five years.

Since organizations are more distributed through users and development teams becoming more autonomous in the tools and platforms they use, traditional security only serves to bog down security operations. "When it comes to security, the tail is definitely wagging the dog," Pasdar and Ibach write.

"This book highlights an interesting paradigm shift in cybersecurity that is desperately needed today. Security Operations teams need to be unburdened from the distractions of product management to focus on actually operating security," said Paul de Graaff, Head of Security and Compliance at Weight Watchers. "It absolutely delivers on this, going beyond highlighting problems to outline meaningful and well thought-out solutions."

They explain sustainable security is the only way forward for keeping distributed assets secure. The solution, Pasdar and Ibach introduce, highlights how to leverage the Cloud to secure all distributed Offices, Clouds, SaaS and Mobile with Unified Cloud Security. It also alleviates the burdens associated with the traditional security model and allows security teams to focus on operating security, rather than managing products.

The book is available by request on Bat Blue's Web Site.

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Bat Blue is the innovator of Unified Cloud Security, a new category of Cloud security that delivers consistent security across all organizational assets: Cloud & SaaS, Mobile & IoT, as well as Brick & Mortar. Bat Blue's flagship Cloud/SEC delivers the entire security stack as an in-the-Cloud service. Compared to more limited Cloud security technologies, Cloud/SEC is a complete security infrastructure delivering controls, threat management, and content protection across every port, protocol and application. Cloud/SEC frees customers from hardware and software dependence and does not require implementation. The company secures more than one million users, has thwarted over 6 billion threats in the past year and saved 33 million KW hours by eliminating hardware. To learn more visit, subscribe to Bat Blue's WatchDesk IntelligenceReport and follow on Twitter @batblue

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