Benihana Inc. Responds to Lawsuit Inquiries

Feb 01, 2011, 17:53 ET from Benihana Inc.

MIAMI, Feb. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Benihana Inc. (Nasdaq: BNHNA; BNHN) has recently become aware of a lawsuit allegedly filed by Benihana against a blogger in Kuwait for his unfavorable review of a local BENIHANA restaurant.  

Benihana Inc. wishes to correct the misinformation being disseminated on the Internet and published in articles connecting Benihana Inc. to this lawsuit, when it is not.

The BENIHANA brand is co-owned by two separate and distinct corporate entities – Benihana Inc. and Benihana of Tokyo, Inc.  Benihana Inc. owns, operates and franchises approximately 100 BENIHANA restaurants throughout the United States, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.  A complete list of locations can be found at  Benihana of Tokyo, Inc. owns, operates and franchises Benihana restaurants in various parts of the world, including Kuwait. A complete list of Benihana of Tokyo, Inc. locations can be found at

While both entities have a shared interest in the BENIHANA brand, Benihana Inc. has no control or authority over the business and legal decisions of Benihana of Tokyo, Inc.  Consequently, we cannot comment or opine on the alleged lawsuit filed in Kuwait by Benihana of Tokyo, Inc. and/or its franchisee.  However, we are never pleased to hear of any customer's negative experience and seriously consider all feedback an opportunity for improving operations.

We encourage you to share your opinions and comments directly with Benihana of Tokyo, Inc. The company's contact information is available on

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Headquartered in Miami, Benihana Inc. (NASDAQ GS: BNHN; BNHNA) is the nation's leading operator of Japanese theme and sushi restaurants with 97 restaurants nationwide, including 63 Benihana restaurants, nine Haru sushi restaurants, and 25 RA Sushi restaurants. Famous for its entertaining chefs who present and prepare delicious teppanyaki entrees at hibachi tables, as well as sushi and other Japanese favorites, Benihana introduced Japanese food to America in 1964. RA Sushi offers a subtly sexy and energetic experience with a hip ambience, and Haru is an urban, upscale sushi concept. In addition, 20 franchised Benihana restaurants are operating in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. To learn more about Benihana Inc. and its three restaurant concepts, please view the corporate video at

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