BESLER Consulting Announces NEW BVerified(SM) Software Solutions: BVerified(SM)-Transfer DRG and BVerified(SM)-IME

Web-based software that makes it easier for you to affordably take control and manage the process in-house

03 Jan, 2012, 11:41 ET from BESLER Consulting

PRINCETON, N.J., Jan. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BESLER Consulting announced the general availability of its two newest software solutions, BVerified(SM)-Transfer DRG and BVerified(SM)-IME.

For years, BESLER has been a leading provider of Medicare underpayment recovery services in the areas of Transfer DRGs and Medicare Advantage IME shadow bills. BESLER has recovered over $100 million for its clients using these services.

Now, BESLER is making its proprietary technology available to healthcare providers via these new BVerified(SM) solutions.

BVerified(SM)-Transfer DRG automates the tedious identification and follow-up process required to validate the accuracy of post-acute care transfers. The required review of the Medicare Common Working File is completely automated. A flexible workflow tool guides the provider through the remaining follow-up tasks and ensures that final discharge status determinations are made in a compliant manner.

BVerified(SM)-IME automates the detection of additional Medicare Advantage Indirect Medical Education (IME) shadow bills. While many hospitals have an adequate shadow billing process in place for claims identified at registration as Medicare Advantage, at times, this process can break down and Medicare Advantage claims go unbilled. BVerified(SM)-IME finds these billing exceptions automatically.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer these solutions to the healthcare industry," said David Bongiovanni, Chief Executive Officer of BESLER Consulting. "As the industry changes, there is an increasing need for hospitals to dedicate their internal resources to many of the new regulatory compliance and reimbursement functions. That is why BESLER Consulting has developed the BVerified(SM) suite of cloud-based solutions, putting the power of our expertise in the hands of our clients."

The full line of BVerified(SM) software solutions can be found at:

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Founded in 1986 to offer reimbursement services to acute care hospitals, BESLER Consulting today provides consulting expertise in many other areas including coding, revenue cycle management, health information, compliance, accreditation, clinical staffing and interim management in a variety of provider settings.

BVerified(SM)-Transfer DRG and BVerified(SM)-IME are service marks of BESLER Consulting.