BlogFrog Announces Integrated Analytics And Reporting For Its Social Influencer Marketing Platform

Brands can track and measure in real-time the reach and impact of influencer marketing campaigns

Oct 22, 2012, 09:03 ET from BlogFrog

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BlogFrog, ( the industry leader for influencer marketing technology, today announced Integrated Analytics capabilities for its Influencer Marketing platform. The analytics and reporting feature provides brands with an online dashboard that presents a comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness, real-time monitoring of influencer reach and content impressions and, most importantly, detailed analysis of social engagement. BlogFrog's integrated approach to influencer analytics provides brands with complete visibility into the influencer program along with the ability to create graphical reports, details on who read and took action based on the content, and traceability into how the content was shared across all social networks.


"Providing detailed analytics on social engagement allows brands to assess the value of campaigns, and gain new levels of insight on the impact of influencer content, how it drives desired action, and how and where it's being shared," said Raviv Turner, BlogFrog's Influencer Marketing platform product manager. "Raw data only tells a portion of the social influencer story, and we are very excited about this highly configurable online dashboard that delivers critical information for our growing roster of clients."

BlogFrog's Influencer Marketing platform helps brands identify and mobilize topic-based social media influencers (those who create content on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms), initiate and distribute meaningful content that consumers find useful, and engage millions of target consumers from a single technology platform. It automates all aspects of an influencer marketing campaign allowing brands to initiate meaningful social conversations that increase awareness, drive engagement, support brand values and improve bottom-line results.

BlogFrog's Integrated Analytics supports the company's strategy to deliver the industry's most complete offering to engage with and activate key influencers from a single platform. Building on its existing measurement and reporting capabilities for reach and impressions, BlogFrog is moving from traditional reporting to active analytics whereby brands can "mix and match" various dynamics associated with an influencer marketing campaign. The Integrated Analytics feature looks at four measurement dynamics:

  1. Track – brands can track paid influencer content across blogs and social channels. The Integrated Analytics tool allows access to everything from posts, to Facebook shares, to tweets and pins on Pinterest. Tracking features also include earned media by influencers' audience, including comments, likes, re-tweets and re-pins.
  2. Measure – brands can utilize measuring capabilities that offer insight on influencers' reach, such as readers, fans, followers, impressions (views) and engagement (actions).
  3. Report – Integrated Analytics reporting offers real-time cumulative data (numbers rollup) across different time resolutions (seven days, 30 days, lifetime or by start-to-end date). It also offers aggregated data (individual pieces of influencer content created as part of the program). Brands also have access to visual reporting techniques, such as charts and tables to tell a compelling influencer program story.
  4. Analyze – brands can analyze performance by pointing out trends and allowing marketers to setup and measure actual program performance vs. pre-set targets across different key performance indicators (KPIs).

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