BMX Bikes for Sale on Newly Released Website is a new website which features the most popular BMX bikes for sale at the most competitive prices

02 Mar, 2016, 07:00 ET from BMX Bikes Sale

LOS ANGELES, March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BMX Bikes Sale is proud to announce the launch of their brand-new website. The website was created to give shoppers a wide variety of different styles and brands to choose from when searching for the best BMX bikes online.

The new website features 21 brands of BMX bikes for sale including DK, Cult, Fly bikes, Free Agent, Diamondback, Eastern bikes, KHE and Framed just to name a few.

Shoppers can implement filters on the website including filtering by brand, price, size, and even color. According to a company spokesperson, 24 inch BMX bikes are some of the most heavily searched on the Internet, so BBS makes a specific point to stock heavily in that size.

The release of the new website comes at a time when BMX is entering its 45th year as a sport, first starting in the early 1970s when riders took their bikes on dirt tracks in Southern California to mimic motocross racing. Overtime, the sport grew, tracks were built all over the world, and BMX became an internationally recognized sport in 1981.  

Today, the sport of BMX continues to grow, and the designs of 2016 are far different from their predecessors. What a rider might need for a dirt jumping competition is far different than what they may need for a pump track. Today, choice is key; and BMX Bikes Sale prides itself on knowing which options the modern rider is searching for.  

Perhaps the most notable mention for the website is the pricing. Since BMX Bikes Sale is an online store, they can skip the costs associated with maintaining a brick and mortar location, and can therefore offer some of the most competitive pricing on the internet.

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About BMX Bikes Sale:

BMX Bikes Sale is a new website which sources the most popular BMX brands online. They present their fleet of BMX bikes in a streamlined user interface so shoppers can find the best deals on the exact bike they're looking for.