Brabble for iOS Launches

04 May, 2013, 14:34 ET from Brabble

NEW YORK, May 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Brabble social sharing app and network for the 21st century launched today with its first product – Brabble for iOS  – released on the Apple appstore this week and available immediately globally.  Brabble for Android, as well as Brabble for tablet versions, are coming later this summer.

Brabble is a free app which supports the unique capturing and creating of life's moments in any of four formats – video, pictures, audio and text.  The app connects users to the global Brabble social network where a unique feature enables humans to connect and converse on a whole new level:  you can 'brabbleback' to a shared moment with a multi-media response of your own - replying with a video, picture, audio or text.

Brabble founder and chief product officer Jeff DePalma says, "We're not alone in seeing a burning need to help people better connect through their social sharing.  The trouble is, for 15 years or more, it really wasn't a conversation, was it?  I posted a picture of my lunch, or vacation or the kids, and you posted a comment in response.  And by the way, if it was a picture, I usually posted on Facebook, now Instagram, increasingly Pinterest for some.  Videos? Maybe on Tumblr or even YouTube, but more likely they just sat on our cells.  Audio?  SoundCloud, maybe…"

"So what we just spent the past two years developing and launched today lets you capture all those moments in a video, a picture, an audio or a text --- and post it all to one place.  But the killer feature for me is this:  when your friends or family or even total strangers post a response or 'brabbleback' they can say it with a video, a picture, an audio or a good old fashioned text comment.  The evolving 'brabble' morphs into a whole new kind of human media conversation."

Brabble, based in New York City and the first product from LLC, figures to quickly become the go-to, all-in-one social sharing network for consumers, starting with the hyper-connected young and 20-somethings, but quickly threading richly into the daily life of everyone on the planet. 

Jim Trolice, Brabble CEO says, "We think there's a big gap and we plan to fill it with this first release and future socially-connected products.  By the way, there's a huge role for brands and celebrity partners to play in all this --- and we'll be rolling out some amazing, innovative product extensions over the next 12 months that we believe, will re-imagine what the social web is all about".

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