BRF - Announcement to the Market

Apr 29, 2013, 19:37 ET from BRF

SAO PAULO, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- We announce that at a Meeting of the Board of Directors held on April 29, 2013, it was decided to:

1. Advisory Committees and the Election of their Members

Strategy and Markets Committee:
Jose Carlos Reis Magalhaes Neto (Coordinator), Decio da Silva and Walter Fontana Filho;

Finance and Risks Policy Committee:
Manoel Cordeiro Silva Filho (Coordinator), Sergio Ricardo Silva Rosa, Luis Carlos Fernandes Afonso and Pedro de Andrade Faria;

People, Organization and Culture Committee:
Pedro de Andrade Faria (Coordinator), Walter Fontana Filho and Paulo Assuncao de Sousa;

Governance and Sustainability Committee:
Sergio Ricardo Silva Rosa (Coordinator), Luiz Fernando Furlan and Carlos Fernando Costa.

2.Reappointment of the Board of Executive Officers – The Board of Directors decided to reappoint the Board of Executive Officers with a term of office to run for 2 (two) years until April 2015 being constituted as follows:

Chief Executive Officer:
Jose Antonio do Prado Fay

Chief Financial, Administration and Investor Relations Officer:
Leopoldo Viriato Saboya

Vice Presidents:
Antonio Augusto de Toni
Ely David Mizrahi
Gilberto Antonio Orsato
Jose Eduardo Cabral Mauro
Luiz Henrique Lissoni
Nelson Vas Hacklauer
Nilvo Mittanck
Wilson Newton de Mello Neto

Sao Paulo, April 29, 2013

Leopoldo Viriato Saboya
Chief Financial, Administration and Investor Relations Officer