Business Results Expert Dusan Djukich Gifts Leading-Edge Tools To Entrepreneurs For Skyrocketing Business Success Legendary San Francisco Business Performance Coach Helps Business Owners To Increase Results

SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- If quality information and modern technology are so vital to business success, then why are so many entrepreneurs and business owners struggling in their personal and professional lives?

Business performance expert, philanthropist, and best-selling business author Dusan Djukich is reversing the trend, by donating 143 potent tools for impacting personal and business performance issues to entrepreneurs throughout North America. Starting today, you can begin absorbing and utilizing these tools free of change by going to and clicking on the "free resources" link which is also found here:

These are many of the same tools that compel entrepreneurs, and business executives, to travel from as far away as Europe and the Middle East to San Francisco, to be trained to succeed in highly competitive environments by Djukich and his associates.

"I want to kick-start a revolution in business," says Djukich who coaches entrepreneurs and executives, "one that will allow for entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive, by being who they need to be, in order to do what's required, to get their intended results."

Some of the significant challenges executive coach Djukich says entrepreneurs commonly face that will be addressed include:

1)      How can business owners reduce stress? Stress is created by knowing what works and doing what doesn't. Stress is compounded by wanting things to be different, and yet being unwilling to change. Know how to deal with stress so that it no longer paralyzes action and serves to propel you forward.

2)      Problem vs. Decision Confusion: Many times entrepreneurs don't have a problem but are suffering from the consequences of not knowing how to make a practical decision.

3)      Integrity is the lynchpin of a successful business. How to create and live with integrity everyday of your life. What causes highly educated and competent people to not follow through on necessary required actions even when their financial futures and well-being are at stake?

4)      Practical Dreams vs. Fantasy Dreams: Just because you believe something doesn't mean it's true. It just means that you believe it. Why it is vital to get real with what's stopping you. How to deal with what's stopping you once and for all.

5)      Confidence is entirely overrated. Why people use "lack of confidence" as an excuse for not taking productive and necessary actions. How to be outrageously effective without confidence.

6)      Core Values vs. Operational Values: It's not what you understand or talk about, but what you actually do that matters. Why most motivational strategies don't work. Why positive thinking has never worked, and usually just serves to impede you from your desired results.

7)      The Key to Power in business is getting great information and strategies out of your head, and into the world, where they will do you and others some good. An educated person knows a lot of information. An intelligent person will "utilize" what he or she knows. Why "what you know," is so hard to get implemented, and how to overcome this dilemma.

8)      "Follow your Bliss" is terrible advice for most people. Although it might appear to work short- term, it more often than not leads to frustration and failure. What to replace it with that will lead to increased and genuine effectiveness is the question.

9)      The quality of your life comes down to 2 things: How much you can confront and the value that you create in the lives of others.

"High levels of effectiveness and advanced problem solving skills are no longer merely an option, but a requirement for today's entrepreneur," Djukich says. "Modern entrepreneurs can no longer be content with insight. They must do 'what's required' to get their intended results."

Djukich is available for interviews on a limited basis to discuss the state of entrepreneurial effectiveness, and what entrepreneurs who are thriving are doing to gain such a competitive advantage.

About Dusan Djukich:

Dusan Djukich is the innovator of Straight-Line Coaching Technologies. His firm, Corporate Reinvention Associates, has assisted over 5,000 entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life to live more powerful, effective, and prosperous lives. Dusan is the best-selling author of Straight-Line Leadership: Tools for Living with Velocity and Power in Turbulent Times. He can be contacted through


SOURCE Dusan Djukich


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