Calico OpCenter is a Callisto Stackable Answer

Pre-integrated powerful Demand Response and Energy Efficiency capabilities empower utilities.

Apr 23, 2013, 19:00 ET from Elster Solutions

RALEIGH, N.C. and BELLEVUE, Wash., April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Elster Solutions and Calico Energy Services, the market leader in unified operations centers for Demand Side Management, announced today that Calico's products are available as components of Elster's Callisto™ grid performance system.


Callisto is a platform that helps utilities reduce their risk and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while obtaining the exact functionality they need through a series of stackable and incremental modules, called "Stackable Answers™." Through its stackable answers, Callisto delivers practical answers to specific problems.

In addition to the core Stackable Answers built into the Callisto base package, Elster partners such as Calico are pre-integrating best-of breed applications into the platform to extend its functional capabilities.

"Elster and Calico are building on joint success at deployments such as the City of Naperville, IL," said Andrew Braun, Director of Strategic Alliances, Elster. "Using  these field tested, pre-integrated technologies, we are able to offer Demand Response Stackable Answers that provide proven, powerful, and low-risk solutions for utilities."

Calico has agreed to integrate three modules into Callisto: OpCenter™ Demand Side Management (DSM) for utilities, HomeSMART™ residential energy management portal, and Insight™ DSM dash boarding and analytics.    

Calico's applications allow utilities to maximize the insight, flexibility, and impact of utility DSM operations and execute a broad set of residential and commercial Demand Response, Load Control, and Rate programs.  Calico's modules will be pre-integrated into Callisto, making it easier for utilities to achieve the key benefits that come from home energy management

"We are pleased to be partnering with Elster to provide Demand Side Management to the suite of Callisto  Stackable Answers," said Mike Miller, President and CEO of Calico. "We believe Elster's world-class technologies, large installed base, and innovative modular approach will add substantial value to utilities and their customers."

Elster's Callisto grid performance system encourages utilities to apply answers at a pace and time that suits them and their budgets. This approach readily assures an attractive TCO, making for a better Return on Investment (ROI) experience.

About Elster
With more than 170 years of experience, Elster Solutions has built a reputation on providing cutting-edge technologies to deliver world class products, systems and services to utility clients worldwide. Elster Solutions has three main areas of business – data analytics, electricity metering products, and Smart Metering and Smart Grid system solutions for electricity, water and gas utilities. Elster Solutions engineers fully interoperable smart metering and data analytics products through custom-made options for utility customers and award-winning end-to-end solutions for the Smart Grid with Callisto, a multi-utility grid performance system (GPS) for water, gas and electricity around the world.

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About Calico Energy Services

Calico Energy provides a unified operations center that connects data, devices, software engines and applications. Through centralized reporting and powerful analytics, this "hub" enables intelligent decision making – as well as control of targeted energy resources and grid assets. Calico improves decision making by unifying all relevant data from inside and outside a utility and providing insight through advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities.

Calico also allows utilities to create, execute, test and fine-tune diverse load-management programs to meet operational needs, business goals and regulatory requirements – both today and in the future. The Company's commitment to industry standards and open architecture ensures ongoing support for new and evolving technologies. To learn more about Calico Energy Services, please visit, or follow Calico on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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