Challenges Facing the Food & Agriculture Sector and Implications on the Global Protein Ingredients Market

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Dec 23, 2015, 13:19 ET from ReportBuyer

LONDON, Dec. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Three themes emerge from the key challenges facing the food and agricultural industry sector that companies need to know in order to be successful in this market space: resource efficiency, changes to the socio-economic environment, and the rise of freedom food and enhanced nutrition and health. This study covers the state of the global protein ingredients market today, and provides insights on how the protein markets will proceed given the growing industry challenges facing the industry. The base year is 2014 with forecasts up to 2020. This research service describes strategies that will help companies become global leaders of the value chain.

Key Findings

Benefits of Industry Consolidation
- The global protein ingredients for human nutrition market space is fragmented with many local participants serving only parts of the market. Frost & Sullivan expects that there are benefits from industry consolidation yet to be realized.
Value-added market segments
- Though dairy and soy-based proteins dominate the market, there are many other new sources of protein that have unique properties consumers want and many grades of proteins that meets very specific needs.
Backed by Good Mega Trends
- Emerging market demand, the Health & Wellness Mega Trend, and end-user need for high performance products will likely result in a compound annual growth of over 5% during the forecast period.
Advantage from Owning Raw Material Source
- Backwards vertical integration is a key characteristic that distinguishes top participants from smaller participants in the market.
Product and Ingredient Innovation
- The industry will continue to look for novel feed sources, and as a result the feed ingredients market has the potential to grow considerably as research focuses on how
these ingredients can complement each other.
Animal Nutrition
- As the animal feed industry continues to improve efficiency, the animal feed ingredients market will grow faster than animal feed production.
Increasing Rivalry
- More consolidation is likely in this highly competitive industry as manufacturers work together to produce new products that will stand out, while also increasing market shares.
Companies that will remain competitive are those that ensure they communicate not just the 'know how' but the do how, thus ensuring long term customer relationships.
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