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DALLAS, November 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- adds new market research reports "Research on China Synthetic Rubber Industry, 2012-2017" and "Research on Decalin Market (Decahydronaphthalene) in China, 2012-2017" to its store.

China's synthetic rubber industry's output and apparent consumption volume increased rapidly. The output increased to 3.488 million tons (including latex) in 2011 from 1.047 million tons in 2001, increased by more than twice, and the compound growth rate during this period reached 12.8%; apparent consumption volume increased to 4.656 million tons of 2011 from 1.684 million tons of 2001 (including latex), and the compound growth rate was 10.7%. China's synthetic rubber's output and apparent consumption also keeps long-term rapid growth, the growth speed of output was relatively fast, and the import volume showed the downward trend. Before 2008, China's synthetic rubber self-sufficiency rate maintained at about 60%. While since 2008, the self-sufficiency rate increased to some extent due to the release of large amount of new production capacity, and this rate reached 74.9% in 2011. There is still a large proportion in China's synthetic rubber consumption relies on imports, so China's synthetic rubber industry still has growth space in the future.

As for the current production capacity equipments in China's synthetic rubber industry, the production capacity growth speed of upstream butadiene, styrene, isoprene and other raw materials will not keep up with the growth speed of synthetic rubber industry. As far as the current situation, the main raw materials' supply proportion is about 1:1.6, so the short supply situation will be difficult to improve in the "Twelfth Five-Year" period. The conditions of other raw material markets (such as styrene and isoprene) are similar with the condition in butadiene market. The short supply of raw materials will increase the risks of production cost rising and capacity idle.

Companies Mentioned in the report "Research on China Synthetic Rubber Industry, 2012-2017" include:

  • Jiangsu Hongda New Material Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai 3F New Material Co., Ltd.
  • Tian Li High and New Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Transfar Group

Chapter 5 in Table of Contents  for this report covers Product Market Segments of China's Synthetic Rubber Industry:

5.1 Butadiene Rubber
5.1.1 Market Position and Application
5.1.2 Supply and Demand
5.1.3 Development Trend
5.2 Styrene Butadiene Rubber
5.2.1 Market Position and Application
5.2.2 Analysis and Forecast of Supply and Demand Balance
5.3 Ethylene Propylene Rubber
5.3.1 Market Status Quo
5.3.2 Prices
5.3.3 Development Forecast
5.4 Butyl Rubber
5.4.1 Market Status Quo
5.4.2 Prices
5.4.3 Development Forecast
5.5 Chemigum
5.5.1 Market Status Quo
5.5.2 Development Forecast


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The other new report "Research on Decalin Market (Decahydronaphthalene) in China, 2012-2017" says Decalin is mainly used as a solvent for paints, for the extraction of fats and waxes; replace turpentine used for shoe polish and floor wax manufacturing; it can mixed with benzene and ethanol to be a fuel of the internal combustion engine, but also can be used as a refractive index determination liquid. So far, decalin producers are mainly organic reagents companies, such as J & K Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Meryer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd., and the larger producers are mainly concentrated in the eastern and northern China.

In China, the decalin output was 11,900 tons in 2010. Decalin annual output reached 14,400 tons in 2011, representing an increase of 21.0% over 2010. During 2008- 2011, the average annual production growth rate of decalin is 13.47%. With the rapid development of the coal chemical industry, China decalin market potential is huge; decalin market growth rate in the future will be not less than 10%. Huidian Research estimates that China decalin market supply in 2012 will reach 15,800 tons, 17,400 tons in 2013, and 25,500 tons in 2017.

Companies Mentioned in this report:

  • J & K
  • Shanghai Meryer Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co. Ltd.
  • Alfa Aesar (Tianjin) Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • TCI (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
  • Tianjin Heowns Biochemistry Co. Ltd

Chapter 5 in Table of Contents for this report covers China Market Scale, 2008-2011 including:
5.1 Market Scale, 2008-2011
5.1.1 Output, 2008-2011
5.1.2 Consumption, 2008-2011
5.2 Industrial Supply Factors
5.3 Production Regional Structure
5.4 Analysis and Forecast of Demand
5.4.1 Demand Field
5.4.2 Demand Forecast
5.5 Price Trend
5.5.1 Average Market Price, 2007-2011
5.5.2 Current Market Price
5.5.3 Factors Affecting Price
5.5.4 Price Forecast, 2012-2017
5.6 Marketing Channel


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