Cincinnati Financial Corporation Subsidiaries Announce Appointments and Promotions

- Subsidiary Directors, Officers and Counsel

Feb 01, 2016, 09:00 ET from Cincinnati Financial Corporation

CINCINNATI, Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Cincinnati Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: CINF) announced today that on January 29, 2016, boards of its subsidiary companies held their regular meetings and appointed directors, officers and counsel, including the following promotions and new appointments:

Property Casualty Insurance – Standard Market:
The Cincinnati Insurance Company
The Cincinnati Casualty Company
The Cincinnati Indemnity Company

Promotion to Senior Vice President:   

Theresa A. Hoffer – Corporate Accounting

Promotions to Vice President:

John A. Davis – Reinsurance Assumed
Michael K. Dockery – Information Security Office
Elizabeth E. Ertel, CPCU, AIM, API, AINS – Corporate Communications
James A. Faust – Reinsurance Assumed
Sean M. Givler, CIC, CRM – Sales & Marketing
Brent A. Hardesty III, CPCU, AIAF, CIA, CISA, PMP – Information Technology
James W.B. Hole – Reinsurance Assumed
Joseph W. Kinsey – Personal Lines
Michelle L. Kyle, CISA, PMP – Information Technology
Paul B. LeStourgeon, FCAS, MAAA, CFA, CERA – Reinsurance Assumed
Mark A. McBeath – Marketing
Claudio A. Ronzitti, Jr., Esq. – Reinsurance Assumed  

Promotions to Assistant Vice President:

John L. Crow – Headquarters Claims
George A. Grossenbaugh, SCLA, CFE – Special Investigations
Constance S. Hennigan, CPCU, AIC, AIM, RPLU – Headquarters Claims
John C. Nutter, CPCU, AIC, AIM – Headquarters Claims
Kevin D. Oleckniche, CPCU, ARM, CSP – Loss Control   

Promotions to Secretary:

Benedict P. Aten, CPCU, AIC, AIM – Field Claims
Peter J. Bond, AIC – Headquarters Claims
Martin G. Bruce, CPCU, AIM, ARe, ARM – Commercial Lines
Steven D. Dorr – Management Liability & Surety
Steven J. Fisher, CPCU, AIM, CIC – Target Markets
William J. Jansen – Premium Audit
Shawn P. Niehaus, CPCU, AIM, ARe – Commercial Lines
Wayne K. Pinney, CPCU – Machinery & Equipment Specialties
Brian T. Reisert, CPCU, AIM, AINS – Commercial Lines
Mark T. Rutherford, CPCU – Commercial Lines
Andrew M. Schnell, CPCU, CPA, AINS – Corporate Accounting
Kathryn L. Settle – Sales & Marketing
Nicholas D. Wright, AFSB – Management Liability & Surety   

Promotions (New Appointments) to Assistant Secretary:

Kelly R. Chasteen – Internal Audit
Michael J. Cranney, CPCU, AIC, AIM – Field Claims
Roy H. Faglie, Jr., CPCU, AIC, AIM – Headquarters Claims
Denise L. Oppedisano, PMP – Information Technology
Benjamin L. Richards, CPCU, ARM – Commercial Lines
Scott R. Sanderson, CPCU, AIC – Headquarters Claims
Scott A. Schuler – Personal Lines
Bryan J. Sturdy, CPCU, CIC – Sales & Marketing
Rajesh C. Thurairatnam, FCAS – Predictive Analytics

Promotion (New Appointment) to Assistant Treasurer:

Christina A. Scherpenberg, CPCU, CPA, API, AINS – Corporate Accounting

Promotion to Corporate Counsel:

Claudio A. Ronzitti, Jr.*    

Promotions to Senior Associate Counsel:

J. Richard Brown – Legal-Litigation
Neal J. Robinson – Legal-Litigation

Promotion (New Appointment) to Associate Counsel:

David J. Heinlein – Legal-Litigation    

The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company:

Promotion to Senior Vice President:

Theresa A. Hoffer*

Promotions to Vice President:

Ann S. Binzer, ChFC, CLU, FALU, FLHC, FLMI – Life Claims
Michael K. Dockery*
Brent A. Hardesty III*
Michelle L. Kyle*

Promotion (New Appointment) to Assistant Secretary:

Denise L. Oppedisano*     

Promotions to Senior Associate Counsel:

J. Richard Brown*
Neal J. Robinson*

Promotion (New Appointment) to Associate Counsel:

David J. Heinlein*

Property Casualty Insurance – Excess & Surplus Lines:
The Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company

Promotion (New Appointment) to Assistant Secretary:

John S. Larkins IV – CSU Underwriting

*Title as listed above

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