Clockwork's Vice President of Government Solutions to Speak at RMS Partnership Event

"A Road Map to Readiness at Best Cost for Improving the Reliability and Safety of Ground Vehicles" Workshop and Conference

19 Sep, 2012, 11:00 ET from Clockwork

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Clockwork, the global leader of predictive analytic solutions for enterprise asset optimization management (EAOM), today announced that Sergio Posadas, Vice President of Government Solutions will speak at the RMS Partnership, "A Road Map to Readiness at Best Cost for Improving the Reliability and Safety of Ground Vehicles" Workshop and Conference, in Springfield, VA, September 19th and 20th on a panel titled, "Building Highly Reliable Systems at Best Cost."


"Clockwork has been an industry leader in developing best practices that help to improve reliability, maintainability and serviceability for the companies that we represent," stated Dr. Russell Vacante, President, RMS Partnership.  "The 2012 workshop is a great opportunity for our community to hear directly from Clockwork on lessons learned from its experience in the aerospace and the defense industry."

The application of improved reliability calculation and prediction methods allow Clockwork to generate a more accurate prediction of fleet wide repair and maintenance workload over time, the labor necessary to turn the workload efficiently,  and the optimized repair parts requirements to sustain those maintenance activities.  Repair parts and service for a single maintenance request can be costly, but with Clockwork, uptime is maximized and margins are improved for these critical platforms.

"The RMS Partnership has done an exceptional job bringing together key stakeholders from government and the commercial sector to discuss issues and solutions related to reliability, maintainability and serviceability," stated Sergio Posadas, VP of Government Solutions.  "Our panel specifically addresses applying Big Data-driven, predictive analytics to bring reliability, maintainability and supportability together in a detailed, comprehensive and agile analysis.  This best practice delivers accurate predictive power to identify the best-cost solution."

Clockwork's products bring together big data, industry expertise and cutting edge software to deliver maximum performance at minimum cost across the full asset lifecycle:

  • DESIGN® predictive analytic offerings that provide design firms and their customers the ability to reduce life cycle costs during asset design phases.
  • DEMAND® predictive analytic offerings provide logistics planners the ability to improve fleet readiness while reducing repair parts and maintenance costs in the current environment
  • COMMAND® predictive analytic offerings are focused on the evaluation, implementation, and ongoing support of a predictive maintenance solution for individual platforms and fleets, assessing and managing the risk of possible component/part failure.

To learn more about Clockwork's experience and detailed product information in the Aerospace and Defense industry visit or to receive a copy of the presentation email

About RMS Partnership: The Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability Partnership (RMSP) organization's goal is to enhance communication, coordination and collaboration between industry, academia and government in a manner that will encourage individuals and organizations to adopt an integrated systems engineering approach, or end-to-end management approach, when addressing RMS issues. The RMS Partnership also encourages individuals, professional societies, and industry associations to develop, use and maintain world-class RMS non-government standards. The RMS Partnership publishes a quarterly newsletter which is freely available on the web site. Membership in the RMS Partnership is open to individuals and organizations interested in being on the cutting edge of RMS issues and initiatives both nationally and internationally.

About Clockwork: Clockwork is a global leader of predictive analytic solutions for enterprise asset optimization management (EAOM) that improve availability and reduce repair parts inventory and maintenance costs of capital intensive assets.  The company has years of experience serving the needs of the Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Heavy Machinery and Transportation industries by providing cutting edge solutions to help analyze their data, giving them visibility to each phase of an asset's life cycle, resulting in billions worth of savings.  For more information visit

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