Crown Recommends Keep Your Cash and Give to Charity as Americans Finalize their Taxes

18 Apr, 2012, 05:00 ET from Crown Financial Ministries

And hold on to Full-time Work if you can find it, says Crown CEO Chuck Bentley

ATLANTA, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Crown CEO Chuck Bentley advised taxpayers to forgo the tax-free loan to government but put charitable giving at the top of their priority list, in preparation for future tax days.

In an interview with Relevant Magazine, Bentley noted, "Most people in America overpay their taxes throughout the year—that's a huge mistake. The majority of people will receive a refund on their taxes. That is making interest-free loans to the government."

Change your deductions to hold onto that extra cash, but be sure and use some for charitable giving, said Bentley.

"We're one of the few countries in the world remaining that offer a tax benefit or a tax incentive for charitable contributions," noted Bentley, and that kind of gesture can change the world.

Bentley noted that 20-somethings today feel more drawn to charitable work. "Especially this generation; many say they have the heroic gene, they are genetically inclined to help other people and be involved in worthy causes. And if we steward our resources wisely, the majority of the impact of our lives is for the benefit of others as opposed to self."

But the current generation is handicapped by a tightening job market.

In a column at Fox news today, Bentley noted that more and more employers are transitioning workers to part-time jobs because of rising healthcare costs. 

"Rising gas prices, trade imbalances, a depressed housing market, burdensome federal regulations and the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs have all weighed heavily on the ability of companies to hire and expand their businesses. A depressed growth rate projected near 2% through the end of 2012 is far below the 4 to 5 percent needed to have a meaningful impact on the unemployment crisis," wrote Bentley.

With that kind of jobs forecast, it's a good time to appreciate the jobs we have, and be intentional about helping others.

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