Customers and Health Experts are Raving about Yacon Syrup

Those looking for a healthy alternative to sugar are excited about yacon syrup, a product that promises to boost metabolism, increase energy and help with weight loss.

Jun 03, 2014, 19:44 ET from Quality Encapsulations

NEW YORK, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Quality Encapsulations the creators of Quality Encapsulations Pure Yacon Syrup announced that they have received hundreds of positive reviews currently on their Amazon product page.  The enthusiasm and positive results experienced by users is substantial and a repeated theme is that users feel that yacon syrup is a truly exceptional and healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.  Visit for more information.

Yacon syrup, made from a Peruvian tuber, is completely natural and safe.  A breakthrough 2009 study has shown yacon syrup to greatly assist with weight loss.  Participants in this 2009 study who used yacon experienced significant weight loss, a decrease in waist circumference and lower body mass index.  Additionally, yacon syrup is a prebiotic and is very low in calories.  Since yacon syrup is also a low-glycemic sweetener, it is receiving attention as a great product for diabetics.  All of these diverse benefits are prompting health experts, such as Dr. Oz, to sing the praises of yacon syrup at length. 

Users of Quality Encapsulations Pure Yacon Syrup, the highest quality organic raw yacon syrup on the market, have been vocal about their support for the product and have stating a variety of positive effects including everything from significant weight loss and increased metabolism to curbed cravings and more energy.   For example, a reviewer named Adam stated, "WOW! My metabolism has never been higher!" Kiersten stated, "It helped stave off the mid-morning hunger I always get after breakfast."

Reviewers are also commenting that yacon syrup is an ideal substitute for the sugar in their coffee.  For example, Teresa wrote, "It does not change the flavor of the coffee and we are saving oodles of calories by not using all that sugar anymore because we both drink multiple cups of coffee a day!"

About Quality Encapsulations:

Quality Encapsulations is dedicated to providing consumers with innovative and healthy ways of boosting their health via cutting edge supplements and products.  Currently, this company is leading the way in Yacon Syrup, which is poised to alter the weight loss and nutrition landscape.  Contest details are available at   For information about Quality Encapsulation's 100% pure Yacon Syrup, visit

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