Dr. Terrance L. Baker and Sollay Laser Center Offer Pain-Free Tattoo Removal Using Astanza Duality

Oct 25, 2013, 12:45 ET from Astanza Laser

BALTIMORE, Md., Oct. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Terrance L. Baker, MD, founder of Sollay Cosmetic Medical & Laser Center, has added Duality tattoo removal to his Baltimore practice and offers optional lidocaine injections for a pain-free treatment experience. Dr. Baker specializes in laser medicine and established Sollay Laser Center to meet patients' growing aesthetic needs. Duality tattoo removal is Dr. Baker's solution to increasing amounts of tattoo regret in Greater Baltimore. 

Sollay Laser Center utilizes a variety of laser technologies to treat medical issues that affect patient well-being. Dr. Baker's decision to add laser tattoo removal to his list of services was to provide a method for ridding unwanted tattoos. Dr. Baker chose to invest in Astanza Duality laser technology for unparalleled ink removal to return patient skin to its natural appearance quickly and safely.

"We want all of our patients to look and feel their best," said Dr. Baker. "By offering Duality tattoo removal, we can ensure that our patients will be more than happy with their advanced removal results. We also strive to provide a superior experience – with comfortable treatment using lidocaine injections to minimize pain."

Tattoo removal with the Astanza Duality laser system consists of two wavelengths of light energy that penetrate the skin to be selectively absorbed by the unwanted tattoo ink. Once the ink absorbs the light energy, it is instantly heated and shattered. The shattered ink fragments are then flushed away by the natural immune process; each treatment allows the tattoo to fade further from visibility to achieve complete elimination. The Q-switching technology of the Duality produces powerful nanosecond energy pulses that allow the laser to target tattoo ink deep in the dermis while leaving surrounding skin unharmed.

"Dr. Baker's addition of Duality tattoo removal at Sollay Laser Center will combine their medical expertise with Astanza's advanced laser technology to give patients a state-of-the-art removal experience," said Ryan Lambert, President of Astanza. 


Terrance L. Baker, MD is board certified in four different areas of medicine and holds his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine. With over 26 years of experience, he has most recently specialized in laser medicine and opened Sollay Laser Center. Sollay Cosmetic Medical & Laser Center provides premiere laser treatments for a variety of aesthetic needs, including pain-free tattoo removal. The medical professionals of Sollay Laser Center were trained on the Astanza Duality by the Q-switched laser experts of New Look Laser College.

For more information on Duality tattoo removal at Sollay Laser Center or to book a free consultation, visit www.sollaylasercenter.com or call (410) 644-7655. Sollay Laser Center is located at 3700 Koppers Street, Suite 550, Baltimore, MD 21227.


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