Energysquare Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Revolutionise Device Charging

25 May, 2016, 11:37 ET from Energysquare

PARIS, May 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Energysquare is a new generation of wireless chargers that will allow users to charge multiple devices at the same speed as classic chargers, just by putting them on a wide and ultra-thin pad.

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Rather than using traditional induction, the charge occurs with Energysquare's patented conduction charging technology. It has been driven by the simple idea that our phones spend a lot of time simply resting on flat surfaces. Our goal is to make charging automatic, so users even forget it's happening, and always stay charged, wherever, whenever.

Timothée Le Quesne, Energysquare co-founder, explains,"Have you ever tried to meet up with a friend or been running late to a meeting only to realize that your battery is about to die? At Energysquare, we allow you to stay always charged. Our vision is that at every moment of your life, you can forget that you're actually charging!"

Daniel Lollo, Energysquare co-founder, adds, "We started this project in engineering school, when charging devices was a real pain for us."

The project is now in its pre-industrialization phase, with several working beta prototypes distributed to real people, families and offices. Energysquare's Kickstarter campaign will help fund the development and production of an initial order and take the first step towards a wireless future!


Energysquare is a new way of charging devices. We developed a technology that allows users to charge several smartphones or tablets on an ultrathin surface with no electromagnetic waves and at the same speed as a classic charger.  

The Energysquare Kickstarter campaign will begin on May 25th at 17h UTC/GMT

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