Exent Enhances Free Ride Games with New Content Channels

New Channels Add Videos, Articles and Other Interest-Specific Content to Extensive Catalog of Games; Multiple Touch Points with Engaged Consumers for Advertisers

26 Apr, 2010, 09:00 ET from Exent

NEW YORK, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- As broadband reaches more and more people, people are increasingly reaching for the Internet as their entertainment venue of choice.  The Internet's entertainment options are innumerable and include first-run video, online gaming, social networking and more, but few sites have been able to successfully establish themselves as a one-stop, multi-entertainment destination.  Exent's free games download site, Free Ride Games, promises to become the first gaming site to make that transition as it integrates games, videos, articles and other content in its new interest-specific lifestyle channels.

Traditionally, gaming sites demonstrate little differentiation beyond their catalogs of games.  Their user interfaces are fairly standardized as they each offer their catalog of games by genres such as arcade, time management games, action games and puzzles.  Finding games you like from the various genres can be a laborious process influenced by the site's recommendations and the ease or difficulty of the site's browsing interface.

Free Ride Games is breaking this mold with the launch of new channels tailored to different lifestyle interests.  Now, visitors can simply select a lifestyle channel such as beauty & fashion games, travel games or food games to see a selection of relevant cross-genre games. Beyond ease of navigation, however, Free Ride Games has also added how-to and interest-specific videos, articles and other content within the new channels. From learning beauty secrets to uncovering secret travel destinations to downloading a new recipe for Cuban pork and plantains, Free Ride Games has begun to aggregate the multiple entertainment options necessary to become a one-stop destination site for its users.

The new Free Ride Games lifestyle channels include:

"We are very excited by this evolution of Free Ride Games, moving beyond a pure play gaming site to a site that provides people with a variety of entertainment and infotainment options," stated Paul Rothkopf, Director of Advertising Sales for Exent.  "We have worked with our partners and gamers to rethink how people approach gaming and general entertainment and we are pleased that these new channels enable us to treat gamers like the curious, multi-faceted people they are.  Free Ride Gamers aren't just gamers - they're parents, students, professionals.  We look forward to continuing to enhance Free Ride Games and providing the diversity of entertainment options our users desire."

Free Ride Games enables consumers to play a huge catalog of games for as long as they want for free thanks to its advertising-supported revenue model.  The launch of the new channels provides an opportunity for advertisers to target specific customer demographics with highly focused campaigns.  Advertisers can now engage Free Ride Games users at multiple levels and times across the Website, channels, media and even within the games themselves thanks to Exent's proprietary GameSkin and AdMuse technologies.  Advertisers can choose to "own" a channel if they desire.  A major restaurant chain will be sponsoring the Food Games channel later this month.

"The new channels are a terrific opportunity for us to dive deeply into a particular demographic and to engage a customer," said Rothkopf.  "It is another way for marketers focused on the female demographic to tactically reach their target audience through online gaming."

About Exent

Exent is a digital entertainment media company specializing in the marketing, merchandising and broadband-based distribution of video games.  Exent delivers a unique combination of superior technology for the delivery and monetization of video games, programming expertise that ensures greater consumer value and engagement and distribution expertise and relationships that seamlessly connect game publishers and consumers and optimize revenue.  Exent provides managed games-on-demand services for service providers like Verizon and Qwest as well as its own free, ad-supported gaming site, Free Ride Games.  For more information about Exent, please visit www.exent.com.

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FreeRideGames.com is the only 100% free entertainment site that provides more than 200 premium full-download PC casual games and online games as well as interest-specific videos, articles and other content within lifestyle channels such as beauty & fashion, food and travel.  The site offers a wide variety of game genres such as Hidden Object, Match Three and Time Management, as well as the hottest titles such as Cake Mania, Jewel Quest, Diner Dash, the Build-a-lot series, The Treasures of Montezuma and many more.

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