Former Tencent Product Talent Joins Babytree

Aug 01, 2013, 08:53 ET from

BEIJING, Aug. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- China's leading online parenting community,, has appointed a new Product Vice President as it continues to concentrate on providing the most wonderful customer experience.

After adding its first CFO, China-based, the world's most-visited online parenting community site, has recently announced the appointment of Lulu Zhao, former senior product manager at Tencent with ten-year professional experience, as its vice president, representing a landmark in Babytree's website and mobile phone products development.

"With the initial ideal of serving the best interests of Chinese mothers, Babytree came into existence as an online parenting exchange platform," Allen Huainan Wang, co- founder and CEO of the company said in a statement. "We have been working on inventing and diversifying our products for more than six years. All of these attempts have to do with helping Chinese families, when they are ready to raise a baby, to enjoy the whole period from pregnancy till upbringing. We advocate the best products all of the time, which is crucial for running an Internet business."

The upgrading of the product team marks a return to Babytree's original intention of providing the most wonderful customer experience.

A communication engineering major from the University of Electronic Science and Technology, Lulu Zhao served in Tencent's products division and then Qihu360, accumulating rich experience in site search and community building. Just like other product talents who will join Babytree later this month, Lulu Zhao takes a dispassionate view of how to choose a suitable team, as she plays a vanguard role in Internet industry,

"From my point of view, no matter how big and prolific a company is, the most pivotal factor of sustainable development is its core business scale and growth curve." As for her reason for joining Babytree, Lulu Zhao explained, "Babytree needs pruning since it grows very fast; we are doing our best to enable it to grow better in a healthy way. Besides its great ideals and excellent team, Babytree is blessed with unsurpassed customer resources. So there is no doubt that new talents are deeply attracted."

With a long career in the Internet, Lulu Zhao brigs a particular view on the parenting industry. From her perspective, members of the post-80 and post-90 generations are familiar with online communication, shopping and entertainment. Enormous potential in online parenting is ready to be explored since the young generation is just beginning to raise and educate the next generation.

"Babytree's mission is to make parents' lives easier and more enjoyable by providing effective knowledge and an active platform with peer support. The rapid expansion of mobile terminals encourages us to adapt our development trend promptly; product designing and producing must follow the habit of China's young parents," Said CEO Wang. The arrival of these new talents not only inspires seductive sparkles among the team but also bring the enterprise's culture to a great height of emotional content.