GAME GOLF Introduces First Wearable, Real-Time Shot Tracker For iOS & Android

Oct 22, 2015, 16:34 ET from GAME GOLF

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- GAME GOLF is the company that changed how golfers use data to improve their games. On November 9, the company will introduce the first wearable, real-time automatic shot tracker for both iOS and Android smartphone platforms.

GAME GOLF LIVE is the next product generation from the original GAME GOLF Classic that came on the market in 2014.  "We literally created the industry that brings the type of data used by professional golfers to the fingertips of your average player," said John McGuire, CEO and Founder of GAME GOLF. "We changed how amateur and professional golfers can shave strokes off of 18 holes by knowing more about their games. GAME GOLF LIVE does everything the CLASSIC product did, with lots of valuable new features inspired by our avid user base."

GAME GOLF CLASSIC was the first wearable device and integrated software platform that tracked and captured on-course performance data and displayed a player's rounds in a dynamic and socially driven online interface. After uploading your data, it is visible on web and mobile devices.

GAME GOLF LIVE uses an updated wearable GPS device that communicates with feather-light sensor tags attached to the top of the grip on each club and an integrated software platform which automatically tracks and captures performance data, in real-time. The data from every shot is instantly displayed on your iOS or Android phone in a dynamic and socially driven interface. 

"With GAME GOLF LIVE, you tag the club and hit the ball," said Jaehee Lee, the company's Head of Product Development. "All data is instantaneously captured and visible on your phone, without manually entering information. On courses where you can't use your phone, the information connects to the device; and you can see it on the 19th hole."  

GAME GOLF LIVE incorporates a number of enhanced features including a Strokes Gained Analysis, offering robust metrics off the tee, on approach shots, during the short game and for putting. "Strokes Gained metrics are considered the most accurate way to compare your play against the data of a scratch golfer," added McGuire. "We have added a new twist by providing a detailed TIPS section to interpret Strokes Gained data that will pinpoint improvement opportunities and make recommendations to the golfer on the areas where they should focus their practice time."   When viewed on the web, GAME GOLF LIVE Strokes Gained compares a player's most recent rounds to a scratch player's rounds to see how many strokes are lost driving, in fairway play, chipping or putting.

GAME GOLF LIVE's mapping system has been upgraded to include Google Maps, Apple Maps and BING Maps and includes a powerful course rangefinder. Editing data for accuracy and adding penalties are easy. All playing history and statistics are automatically backed up online. Players are able to share their rounds via email, Facebook and Twitter. The PGA of America and Golf Channel are partners in the brand.

McGuire added, "When we introduced GAME GOLF CLASSIC, we wanted to give golfers, of all abilities, easy access to the data about their games that was previously only available and used by professionals. Basic information, like true distances opened our eyes to the realization that most golfers under-clubbed. This led to analytics such as fairway accuracy, greens-in-regulation, trends and tendencies on approach shots, sand saves, and even scrambling percentages. We also learned from our most active users about the kinds of things they felt would help them improve and engage. We developed Insights and Benchmarks, which enable golfers to compare themselves to friends and even the best players in the world. With GAME GOLF LIVE we're raising the bar and increasing the enjoyment of the game for all golfers."

GAME GOLF LIVE will retail for $299 US MSRP and will not require any additional service fees.  GAME GOLF is currently sold in Apple Stores (Europe), Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland; golf specialty shops; on #AmazonLaunchpad; and in more than 800 green grass pro shops worldwide. Integration with Apple Watch, Pebble and Android Wear coming soon.  For more information or to view videos of GAME GOLF in action, visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @GAMEGOLF, #GAMEGOLF.  


GAME GOLF is a wholly-owned trademark of ACTIVE MIND TECHNOLOGY, Inc., a San Francisco based company that is building a data analytics platform for the sports industry. Active Minds' first product was GAME GOLF. The GAME GOLF platform has over 32,000 courses mapped, over 550,000 rounds of golf uploaded in 100 countries, and has captured 40 million golf shots. GAME GOLF is permitted under the Rules of Golf by the USGA and R&A for use in competition. It is endorsed by golf Professionals Graeme McDowell, Jim Furyk, Lee Westwood, Chesson Hadley and Sophie Walker. It has been adopted by leading Coaches and Golf Instructors. It is also backed by the PGA of America.

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